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Published: Tue 15 Aug 2000 08:27 AM
Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop (Hobbits and Red Moon's excluded) were...
3: PM statement on scurrilous allegations
Statement on scurrilous allegations made by the Leader of the Opposition and Mr Peter Williams QC
4: HARD NEWS 11/8/00 - Beyond a Joke
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... sometimes politics moves far beyond the stage where any rational citizen can give a rat's arse about it. Sometimes it happens twice in a week.
6: Richard Preble's Letter From Wellington
The Labour/Alliance Government suffered a major defeat in parliament over the weekend. After telling the media, and their own MPs that the Bill would be passed by Friday, and inviting all their trade union mates to a huge celebration on Tuesday, Parliament ...
7: National's Employment Law policy unveiled
The Minister of Labour, Margaret Wilson has released an analysis of the National Party's apparent policy for employment relations. The analysis is based on the many National amendments put forward during debate on The Employment Relations Bill.
8: Civil Liberties group praised for cannabis insight
Drug law reformers have commended the Auckland Council for Civil Liberties on raising the level of public debate on cannabis - and coming out firmly in favour of “legal regulation”.
9: Tiatia Shines In Lions Victory
IN a pulsating opener to NPC 2000 at WestpacTrust Stadium on Friday night Wellington beat Canterbury 27-20 with powerhouse No8 Filo Tiatia charging toward regaining an All Black jersey with an awesome all-round performance.
10: Howard’s End: Stolen Generation Decision Outrages
As members of the human race all New Zealanders should be outraged with last week’s adverse decision of Australian Federal Court Judge Maurice O'Loughlin in the aboriginal stolen generation case. I believe the judge was wrong. John Howard writes.
12: Employment Relations Bill Surreal Politics - Dunne
Politics is often a surreal occupation, where issues are dealt with as symbols more than realities. Sometimes it is because the realities are too complex; other times, it is because the symbols are all that is need to address an issue. What it often ...
13: Scoop Link: Weird Fish Story Of The Week
Fish As the Ultimate Brain Food -­ Lucent Uses Salmon DNA to Replace Computer
14: Scoop Images: Lions Vs Canterbury (1)
Images from the first Wellington Lions NPC clash of the season vs Canterbury. Wellington won 27-20. Images from Mark Graham -IMAGE TIME .
15: Violation of Tibetan Women’s Reproductive System
Since the occupation of Tibet by Chinese military forces in 1959, Tibetan women have suffered oppression, exploitation, subjugation and discrimination.
16: ‘Throw Book At Low Flying Holmes’ - Brown
“CAA should ‘throw the book’ at Paul Holmes for allegedly flying low over Ardmore Airport without getting permission,” said New Zealand First Deputy Leader, Peter Brown.”
17: Upton-on-line: Even More on the Treaty
Recent editions of upton-on-line have covered GM cows, trade agreements and the survival of the nation – all through the prism of the Treaty of Waitangi. We thought we could turn elsewhere this week but the Treaty production line is in over-drive and no-one ...
18: Government Buckling To Green Extremists on Coast
“I am very concerned that the Labour/Alliance Government is about to buckle further to ‘Green extremists’ and close down even more enterprises on the West Coast,” said ACT Deputy Leader, Hon Ken Shirley Not content with expunging the West Coast Accord. ...
19: Stop Hallucinogenic Chocolate Biscuits!!!
"The Corrective Party is appalled, disgusted and degraded at the continued hallucinogenic properties of the "Toffee Pops" chocolate biscuit. When a woman eats this chocolate biscuit, she entertains fantasies of nubile scantily clad men in their ...
21: Correctives: Lewdness at House of Windsor!!!
"The Correctives are shocked, repelled and upholstered at the news that Zara Phillips, a grand-daughter of the Queen, held a sex-toy party where there was a nubile young waiter clad in nothing but a PVC g-string, with all manner of unseemly implements ...
22: Kedgley Concerned About Gagging Of Scientists
Green MP Sue Kedgley told Christchurch scientists today that some New Zealand scientists had concerns about genetic engineering but were scared to speak out.
23: Charging of Speight a necessary step
Prime Minister Helen Clark said today that the move by the Fiji police to charge Mr Speight and his key supporters with treason was encouraging.
24: Aucklanders let down by council decision
Aucklander and Green MP Nandor Tanczos said today he was outraged that the Auckland City Council was pushing ahead on the water pipeline from the Waikato River, without properly looking at alternatives.
28: IRD Still Acting Contempuously - Hide
“The Minister of Revenue must accept responsibility for his Department following another damning report from the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee,” said ACT Finance spokesman Rodney Hide today.
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11: Scoop Archive: When The Wizard Gets It
25: Scoop Archive: Are These For Real?
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