TV1 6pm Headlines (First Segment)

Published: Wed 26 Jul 2000 06:26 PM
Concorde Crashes - Concorde Background - Death Of An NZ Soldier - Who Is To Blame For Soldier’s Death?- Soldier's Parents And Funeral
CONCORDE CRASHES: An Air France Concorde crashed seconds into its flight from Charles De Gaulle airport in France, killing all 100 people on board. The engines caught fire and the pilot crashed the plane into a hotel killing four people on the ground. Tonight investigators say they have recovered the black boxes on the aircraft. They hope to confirm the reason for the crash in the next few days.
- CONCORDE BACKGROUND: Concorde’s unique 25 year safety record has been broken. Only 200 of the planes have ever been built. The plane flies at over 2000 kmph and makes the journey from France to NYC in four hours. It costs over US$10,000 for a round-trip flight of this length.
- DEATH OF AN NZ SOLDIER: The army has confirmed the body of the Kiwi peacekeeper killed by suspected pro-Indonesian militia was mutilated after he died. A spokesperson said his throat has been cut and his ears were also removed by his attackers.
- WHO IS TO BLAME FOR SOLDIER’S DEATH?: Pro-Indonesian militia are suspected to be involved but East Timorese leader and envoy Jose Ramos Horta has laid the blame on the Indonesian army. Army experts have confirmed the removal of the ears is considered to be a trademark of the Indonesian army. If this is the case, Prime Minister Helen Clark says the move would have “grave implications” for the NZ-Indonesian relationship.
- SOLDIER'S PARENTS AND FUNERAL: Meanwhile, the Private’s parents read an eulogy to the media and say they knew that he might not come back from his tour of duty. Burnham military base in Christchurch is making preparations for a military funeral.
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