TV1 News 6pm Headlines (First Segment)

Published: Fri 14 Jul 2000 06:25 PM
TV1 News 6pm Headlines (First Segment)
Fiji Rebels Lay Down Guns - Chaudhry Comments On Coup- George Speight’s Future- Fiji Prison Outbreak/Guns - Fiji Tourism- Golden Handshake Revelations- Police Beat Black Man On Video
FIJI REBELS LAY DOWN GUNS: There was an imposing arsenal on display at the Parliamentary complex in Suva, after George Speight’s rebels agreed to hand in their arms. George Speight also showed off the immunity decree from the Fijian government, which ensures he and his men will not be prosecuted for their actions in the coup.
- CHAUDHRY COMMENTS ON COUP: Deposed Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry said he was “sad for the country” and could not support the coup. Chaudhry has locked himself away with political advisors, who are updating him on recent events, after making an earlier no-show at an international press conference.
- GEORGE SPEIGHT’S FUTURE: George Speight’s future will be determined by the president and vice president who are sympathetic to his cause - Speight had an important part in selecting both men and they are believed to be his allies. There is speculation he could occupy an important position when the President selects the interim government.
- FIJI PRISON OUTBREAK / GUNS: Meanwhile, a prison break-out is causing near anarchy in the Islands, with one prisoner killed in the violence. There are also reports some of the rebels' guns are being smuggled out of the compound and placed in strategic positions in the country.
- FIJI TOURISM: Tourists on the islands are still travelling to Fiji despite the increasing lawlessness. The Government says New Zealanders should heed their advice against going to the islands. Travel operators the numbers of tourists are 40 per cent down from normal rates.
- GOLDEN HANDSHAKE REVELATIONS: There has been a shock revelation in a golden handshake row, after an Ombudsman revealed Fire Service chief executive Jean Martin was paid between $160,000 - $180,000 to leave after quitting her job after working for less than a year.
- POLICE BEAT BLACK MAN ON VIDEO A videotape of a black man beaten by police after he shot and killed a policeman in Philadelphia, is galvanising the United States. The video has been likened to the Rodney King incident although, police say the comparison is misleading and dangerous. The man beaten is in a comfortable position in hospital. Meanwhile, in Atlanta a video revealed police punched and kicked a man who resisted arrest for drunk driving.
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