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Published: Mon 8 May 2000 09:29 AM
The weekend's top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Planetary Alignment - Not The End Of The World
Tonight the planets will line up. Not as well as they do in the image above but rather in the night sky. Looking at the sky they will appear to make form an arc from the horizon up towards what would be close to the two o'clock position.
2: A Week Of It: Banging, The Planets And Oxymorons
Continuing A Week Of It’s short tradition of beginning with omamatepia, (with apologies to readers who appreciate more subtle and/or original metaphor) it seems fitting to conclude that this week in the news began… with “a bang.”
3: HARD NEWS 5/5/00 - Judge Not, Citizen
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES . . . there can be few experiences more chastening than having to pass up on big a drum 'n' bass gig where you've got your name on the door because ... your gout's playing up.
4: Air Pollution On The Sea Breeze
Local council's around New Zealand are battling to reduce air pollution said to be caused from burning fossil fuels. But new California research suggests a previously unknown intense chemical reaction between sunlight, air and sea salt is a major contributor ...
5: Coasters Angry Over Contracts Misinformation
West Coasters are angry today that Greens co-leader, Rod Donald, and some sections of the media are perpetuating the myth that rimu contracts were signed in secret just before Labour's policy was announced. Scoop's West Coast Correspondent John ...
6: Scoop Images: And Not A Hobbit Was Stirring
The following pictures show the inside of the set for the town of Bree from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy which began shooting in New Zealand yesterday under the direction of Peter Jackson.
7: MAYDAY2K: Money Burning At Business Roundtable
In the final phase of today’s Wellington May Day protests protestors moved up to the Business Round Table offices on the Terrace and burnt some money. Photos Miles Thompson.
8: Time To End “Emotive Bull” Over West Coast Logging
Representatives of the wood sector of the National Distribution Union are to meet with Deputy Prime Minister, Jim Anderton, over the weekend in attempt to try and retain West Coast rimu contracts. Scoop's West Coast correspondent John Howard reports.
9: Newsflash: Siamese Twins Have Died
The Siamese twins born on Tuesday have died peacefully this morning in their mother’s arms.
10: Wallace On The Rampage Say Police
Waitara police say Steven Wallace had repeatedly threatened to kill the police officer who fatally shot him.
11: Link: 'Love Bug' Computer Virus Sweeps World
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A computer virus dubbed the ``Love Bug'' wreaked havoc on computer systems worldwide on Thursday, shutting down e-mail systems at major companies and penetrating the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency and Britain's Parliament.
12: INTERNATIONAL "J" DAY Saturday 6 May 2000
The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NZ) in association with the International Cannabis Campaign (UK) & Cures-Not-Wars (USA) presents:
13: Symantec Offers Protection From Love Letter Worm
14: Government Moves To Marry Thousands Today
The Government will move this afternoon to shut out the public from having any input on its radical moves to include de facto and same sex couples in marriage law effectively marrying thousands of unsuspecting New Zealanders.
15: Scoop Images: Mayday All Around The World
Images from mayday actions in London, Yugoslavia, Poland, Spain and the USA. More images will be published of the global actions as they come available.
16: Private Property To Settle Treaty Grievances
The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council science and policy manager Michael Harte said the council is deeply concerned that the Labour government has signalled it will use private property rights to settle Treaty claims. The seafood industry made ...
17: NZ should consider following South Island lead
Local Government Minister says whole of NZ should consider following South Island lead on bilingual road signs For immediate release 5 May 2000
18: PM is damaging New Zealanders' faith in police
The Prime Minister must withdraw her increasingly incendiary comments about police and the Waitara shooting, Opposition leader Jenny Shipley said today.
19: Ecologic Forest Comment Illogical
Forest and Bird Deputy President Bill Gilbertson said today he strongly disagreed with comment from Guy Salmon of the Ecologic Foundation that protecting West Coast rimu forests would backfire on native forest conservation.
20: HARD NEWS 14/4/00 - No Laughing Matter
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... some weeks the headlines are not kind to news commentators. There are precious few laughs in the likes of the cervical screening inquiry, which seeks to trawl over one man's disastrous misreading of test results over the span ...
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