National Radio Midday Report

Published: Fri 31 Mar 2000 12:36 AM
Abortion Money - Ethiopia Famine - Green Surge - Refugee Deadline - Ddt In Eggs - West Coast Money - Warcrimes Recognition - Pot And Brains - Israel Demos - Historic Chapel - Cuban Stowaway - Power Inquiry - Echelon Investigation
ABORTION MONEY: The Family Planning association says a Catholic Bishop offering cash to women to stop them having abortions will not help the situation. The Bishop says many women often have abortions because they are strapped for cash and don’t believe they can support a child.
ETHIOPIA FAMINE: The United Nations has warned that Ethiopia and it neighbours may have a major famine which rivals the widespread humanitarian disaster of the mid 1980s.
GREEN SURGE: The Green Party has become the third most popular political force according to a latest opinion poll which puts them a 7 per cent support. Continuing its honeymoon Labour tops the list with 48 per cent, National lags behind at 27 per cent, ACT is on 6 per cent, the Alliance slips further to 5 per cent and New Zealand First remains below the margin of error at 2.6 per cent.
REFUGEE DEADLINE: Today is the deadline for refugees from East Timor currently in Indonesia to return to their native homeland.
DDT IN EGGS: The egg producers federation of New Zealand says it is surprised and concerned in the finding of DDT in its eggs. A survey found the residue of the banned chemical in eggs three years ago.
WEST COAST MONEY: The member of Parliament for the West Coast Damien O’Conner says the money given to the Coast to compensate it for logging should be invested in roads and infrastructure in the area.
WARCRIMES RECOGNITION: A New Zealander who was imprisoned in the Pacific war wants recognition for 17 of his colleagues beheaded by the Japanese in the Kiribas Islands. The call comes in the wake of a grisy find of decapitated American GIs in the territory.
POT AND BRAINS: A visiting Australian Professor of Psychiatry says cannabis smoking is contributing to the high rate of young male suicides in both New Zealand and Australia. Young men are often resorting to drink and drugs because women are developing earlier and outperforming them said the doctor at a conference on adolescent anxiety.
ISRAEL DEMOS: Palestinians and Israelis from the West Bank of Gaza are demonstrating on the anniversary of the Israel takeover of the West Bank.
CUBAN STOWAWAY: The American vice President Al Gore has urged the United States Congress to pass legislation allowing a Cuban stowaway US Citizenship. This would remove the boy from the jurisdiction of the Immigration Service which says the boy must return to his home country.
POWER INQUIRY: The Ministerial Inquiry into the power industry has reopened in Auckland after a recess this week.
ECHELON INVESTIGATION: The European Parliament is considering allegations that the Echelon network of spies were tapping and passing on commercial secrets.
HISTORIC CHAPEL: A professor of Architecture is alarmed that an historic Wellington Chapel has been sold to a property developer. The chapel combines both Pacific and European heritage.
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