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Published: Wed 8 Mar 2000 08:23 AM
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Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Editorial: Democracy, Faith And A People Betrayed
Russia has had a terrible century. In fact Russia - and certainly the Russian peasantry - have arguably had a bum deal for as long as anyone can remember.
2: LOOP - New Century - New Vision - New System
The first LOOP of the 21st century is about to hit the streets. Relaunching our vision: rethought, restructured, ready to take our country’s creative culture to the world.
3: Row Over Missing F16 Money
A row has broken out over whether money had been allocated to pay for the purchase/lease of F16 aircraft from the US. Scoop's Chris Holm reports.
4: Craccum Article Callous & Irresponsible
“The problem is not that suicide is being discussed. The problem is the way that this tragic and difficult subject has been callously sensationalised by Craccum whose readership represents the age group most at risk.
5: PM Telling Porkies On F16 Money
The Prime Minister is telling absolute and extreme porkies when she says that the money never existed for the purchase of the F16 aircraft, former Defence Minister Max Bradford said today.
6: F16 Deal Pullout A Cheap Option
A Treasury report to be given to the Government today is expected to show the abandoning the cost of the F16 lease deal with the United States will cost New Zealand nothing.
7: Tough New Rules On Organic Products In US
Tough new rules are about to announced in the United States in an effort to create an official definition of 'organic.' John Howard reports.
8: Wave your beer goodbye at the sevens
Sevens rugby is currently riding the crest of a wave with this year's inaugural World Series.
9: China, Taiwan and The US - Tensions Rise
With China and Taiwan caught in emotional domestic politics and the United States in between, the Taiwan Strait has entered a volatile period that will last months beyond Taiwan's March 18 presidential election. John Howard reports.
10: On The Left - Justice Gained, Not Denied
Crime and justice is probably one of the worst areas of public debate this country has. While there are plenty of areas where nobody actually knows what they're talking about, justice is probably the area where they say it loudest, and say the most stupid ...
11: Mild Greens deliver Class D Drug solution.
Christchurch Legalisers have recommended that the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 be amended to accommodate Class D restricted drugs. The move would be "in anticipation of a probable shift in the legal status of cannabis".
12: Scoop Images: From Timor To Twickenham
Images of NZ Army Colonel Andrew Martin, the new All Black manager, whose appointment was announced by the NZRFU today. Colonel Martin won the position over more than 100 other applicants. He was responsible in part for the SAS training camp the All ...
13: Scoop Images: SMASH Exploits Shop Windows
SMASH visual artists exploiting shop windows on a grey day in Tori Buttle.
14: A Meeting Of Thirsty Nations
Ministers from around the world will meet in the Hague on March 21 and 22 to help defuse dangerous frictions between thirsty nations jousting for water supplies. John Howard reports.
15: Cullen's Speech To Accountants
Auckland Public Practice Special Interest Group (Institute of Chartered Accountants) 5.30pm, 6 March 2000 Ellerslie Convention Centre Auckland
16: Rebels Request Radical's Resignation
There are calls for a prominent Wellington student radical to resign, following public criticism of an editorial published in the Victoria University student newspaper, Salient.
17: TVNZ Secrecy Supports Suggestion PM A Bully
Party Leader, Graham Capill has accused the Prime Minister, Helen Clark, or her Department, of bully-boy tactics after TVNZ decided to pull the new Christian programme from Higher Ground Ministry off the air within 24 hours of its first scheduled broadcast. ...
18: New Zealand Brand Good For Business
Being uniquely New Zealand is helping companies become globally successful, say researchers from Victoria University of Wellington.
19: Suicide serious, Craccum editor should resign
Youth Suicide is a serious issue and should not be treated in any other way by an editor trying to be sensational, said Opposition Youth Affairs Spokesperson Simon Power in response to the article in Auckland Student Newspaper Craccum.
20: Nazi? Who? Annette?
Annette King whinges that smokers call her a Nazi - "What a whoose!!" chortles Joy Faulkner of Smokers of the World Unite. "Now she may have some idea of how we lowlife smokers feel as she and her ilk oust us from society like filthy lepers. ...
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