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Published: Thu 16 Dec 1999 03:54 PM
A black Jesus Christ wins a Catholic art competition, Russia attacks Grozny and launches an ICBM in a show of might and the first cricket test has started....

JESUS 2000
Jesus 2000 Modeled On Black Woman
- “Jesus of the People,” a dark-featured figure modeled on a woman, is the winner of the National Catholic Reporter’s worldwide art competition, Jesus 2000. Janet McKenzie’s work was chosen from among 1,678 entries submitted by 1,004 artists from 19 countries and 6 continents. A panel of three art experts selected 10 finalists. Sr. Wendy Beckett chose the winner. For more information see... National Catholic Reporter – Jesus 2000 [1]
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World Watches As Russian Bear Awakes
- The issue of Chechnya has been raised informally in the UN Security Council by individual members, but Russia has never allowed the matter to go further. The world is angry - but largely silent. John Howard writes. See... World Watches As Russian Bear Awakes [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Grozny Assault Underway - Troops Enter Outskirts
- The Moscow Times reports that Russian troops have blasted their way into the outskirts of the Chechen capital of Grozny and are now engaging rebel soldiers in the besieged city. In breaking news a Russian convoy has penetrated deep into the city and engaged over 2,000 rebels – hundreds of Russian troops have been killed. See... Grozny Assault Underway - Troops Enter Outskirts [1] in the Headlines wire. As the Russian military begins its invasion of Grozny, Russia has launched a strategic intercontinental Topol-M missile using the occasion to warn the West against criticising its Chechen campaign. John Howard reports. See... Russia Launches New ICB Missile as Grozny Invaded [2] in the Headlines wire.
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Scoop Editorial: Putin Pushes Devil's Own Button
- An increasingly desperate Russian Prime Minister may have overstepped the mark in his flagrant nuclear sabre rattling display today, writes Scoop's Alastair Thompson. See... Scoop Editorial: Putin Pushes Devil's Own Button [1] in the Headlines wire.
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West Indies Pick Up Pace - Start Lashing Out
- After a painfully slow first session the West Indies have come out looking strong, hitting a number of boundaries to some short and ordinary Kiwi bowling. The first seven overs since lunch have cost a massive 47 runs. Both openers, Sherwin Campbell and Adrian Griffith, have just clocked up half centuries and look dominating and formidable. The score is 140/0 at 3.37pm. The West Indies have won the toss and opted to bat first on a good firm batting strip that is expected to dry out. Cairns, Nash, Astle and Vettori have all bowled. NZ has taken two spinners into the match and the West Indies one. Scoop will keep you up to the minute.
Greens Flex Muscle Over Party Hopping Bill
- It appears Green concern over the coalition’s anti-party hopping legislation will see the bill delayed until 2000. See... Greens Flex Muscle Over Party Hopping Bill [1] in the Headlines wire. The Green Party and the Labour Party will also formalise their political relationship as the Greens are now essential to Labour’s ability to lead a successful government. The parties will negotiate an agreement on how they will work together and is likely to include issues such as access to information and ministers. The Greens will not come inside the Labour-Alliancecoalition however.
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Thirteen Suspected bin Laden Terrorists Arrested in Jordan
- Thirteen people believed to have links to Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden have been arrested in Jordan on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks against Americans over the New Year. See... 13 Suspected bin Laden Terrorists Arrested [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Rankin on Thursday - Labour has Balance of Power
- How strong can a Labour-led Government be in the MMP environment? Is Labour a dog easily wagged? Is it not true that the Greens have the "balance of power"? Or maybe New Zealand First? I argue here that Labour is strategically placed to dominate parliament, because, as well as being the biggest party, it is really Labour that has the balance of power. Keith Rankin writes. See... Rankin on Thursday - Labour has Balance of Power [1] in the Headlines wire.
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US State Department Approves Raw Meat Irradiation
- The US Department of Agriculture yesterday approved food processors irradiating raw beef, pork and lamb. The agency is also being asked to approve irradiation of ready-to-eat products such as hot dogs and luncheon meats. John Howard reports. See... US State Department Approves Raw Meat Irradiation [1] in the Headlines wire. See also... What is Irradiation? Is it Safe and Do We Need It? [2] in the Headlines wire.
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Press Briefing, Leaders' Comments From Historic Syria–Israel Peace Talks
- As the most significant peace talks ever between Syria and Israel take place with US President Bill Clinton Scoop brings you a White House briefing with comments from President Clinton, Prime Minister barak of Israel and Foreign Minister Shara of Syria. See... Clinton, PM Barak and Foreign Minister Shara [1] in the General wire.
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More Action To Protect Hector's Dolphin Welcomed
- The Forest and Bird Protection Society welcomed the Minister of Conservation's decision to gazette Hector's dolphin as a threatened species. See... More Action To Protect Hector's Dolphin Welcomed [1] in the wire.
[1] -
ACT Leader announces MP Portfolios
- The ACT party leader Hon Richard Prebble today announced the portfolio responsibilities for ACT's nine MPs. See... ACT Leader announces MP Portfolios [1] in the Parliament wire.
[1] -
“Millennium” Parliament On The Cards
- Scoop spoke too soon in declaring the election result now complete, with ACT calling for a last minute re-count in the seat of Rangitikei. see... NEWSFLASH: Here We Go Again! [1] in the Headlines wire. For Prebble's explanation of why he is calling for a re-count - a move which could potentially bring about a Parliamentary opening early in the 21st Century - see... ACT files for judicial recount in Rangitikei [2] in the Parliament Wire.
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Goff Concerned At Home Invasion Anomalies
- Justice Minister Phil Goff says he has significant concerns over the Home Invasion Legislation which the last government passed earlier this year. His concerns over the bill are very similar to those of Rape Crisis who Scoop spoke with before the bill was passed. See... Home Invasion Bill Fatally Flawed - Rape Crisis [1] in the Headlines wire.
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NZ Life Sciences Network welcomes Government plans for R tax changes
- "The Government's commitment to make investment in all research and development expenditure eligible for full expensing and to accelerate the depreciation regime for new capital investment in technology will be music to the ears of the research community," the interim chairman of the NZ Life Sciences Network, Doctor William Rolleston, says. See... NZ Life Sciences welcomes Govt R plans [1] in the Science wire.
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Tertiary qualifications not answer for WINZ staff – Vernon
- National’s spokesperson on Work and Income (excluding Employment) Belinda Vernon MP is keen to identify and remedy policy shortcomings by working with those who deliver services from Work and Income NZ, and those who receive them. See... Tertiary qualifications not answer for WINZ staff [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Labour’s Defence Plans will Damage Credibility
- “Labour’s Defence plans will seriously imperil our relationship with Australia and the United States,” says new National Defence Spokesman, Dr Wayne Mapp. See... Labour’s Defence Plans will Damage Credibility [1] in the Parliament wire.
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