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Published: Mon 13 Dec 1999 09:12 PM
Winston waxes lyrical as Labour petition for a recount in Tauranga threatening a late Parliamentary opening... and the rest of the news....
Image: New Govt Sworn in - New PM Helen Clark
with Governor General and Deputy Jim Anderton
National Pull Out of Tauranga Re-Count - Labour Has Filed Instead
- National's Tauranga candidate Katherine O'Regan has confirmed she will not be filing for a re-count in Tauranga after losing the seat to Winston Peters by just 62 seats. If she was to succeed in a recount it would have the effect of restoring the Labour / Alliance coalition majority. Labour meanwhile have confirmed they will file for a re-count in the seat. This may take a while and could delay the sitting of parliament next week. Reaction: - ACT Ken Shirley Outraged - ACT Deputy Leader Hon Ken Shirley said National shouldn't have thrown in the towel in Tauranga and should have sought a judicial recount in the electorate. See... National Should Have Gone For Tauranga Recount [1] in the Parliament wire. - Winston Gets Classical - The Rt Hon Winston Peters, MP for Tauranga, said today that the request of Labour’s candidate for an electoral recount is “bizarre”, preceding as it did, the National candidate’s concession just before noon. See... Who Will Rid Us Of This Troublesome Priest? [2] in the Parliament wire. - Prebble Disturbed ACT Leader Richard Prebble said today he was disturbed to learn that the National candidate for Tauranga, Katherine O'Regan, has stated that she has no intention of applying for a recount in Tauranga. See... ACT concerned about integrity of poll [3] in the Parliament wire.
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Albright Warns Americans They Could Be Targeted By New Year Terrorism
- US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has warned Americans travelling abroad to be on the alert for possible terrorist attacks over the New Year holiday period. See... Albright Warns Americans Of New Year Terrorism [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Peters Breaks His Silence! Thanks Supporters, Vows To Support Party Hopping Bill
– NZ First leader Winston Peters broke his silence at 10.30 this morning with a thank-you speech to his supporters. In his speech he confirms he will support the government on confidence and supply and their party-hopping legislation. See... Peters Breaks His Silence! Thank-You Speech [1] in the Parliament wire.
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UNICEF Report Blames Lack Of Leadership For 11 Million Child Deaths Per Annum
- In a hard-hitting end of century report due to be released later today, UNICEF says that a lack of leadership causes 11 million-plus children to die in the world every year due to growing conflicts and the spread of AIDS. John Howard reports. See... UNICEF Report Blames Leadership on Child Deaths [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Russia’s Historic Military Climbdown
- Russia this week decided not to blanket bomb Grozny. With the benefit of hindsight it appears the decision not to bomb was taken on Tuesday, right at the beginning of the week. Scoop's Alastair Thompson reports on the motivations behind the sudden Russian change of heart. See... Scoop Editorial: The Right Thing To Do [1] in the Headlines wire.
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After Seattle - A Trade War Looms
- Following a breakdown at the WTO talks in Seattle, the US House Agriculture Committee is planning a series of hearings on farm policy early next year that will consider greater subsidies for US farmers. Will it lead to a Trade War? John Howard reports. See... EU And US Headed For A Trade War Over Agriculture [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Beech Scheme Squashed
- The new government has effectively halted the controversial native beech logging scheme on the West Coast by SOE Timberlands West Coast ltd. Ministers Pete Hodgson and Michael Cullen have issued a ministerial directive requiring Timberlands to withdraw from a consent hearing on the scheme. - ACT say the directive was made to prevent experts in sustainable forestry testifying on the merits of the scheme. See... Govt's 'Good Faith' Doesn't Extend To Coasters [1] in the Parliament wire. - ACT MP Stephen Franks today said that the gag on Timberlands resource application should run into the same law that stopped Muldoon from trying to rule by decree. See... Will Labour Try To Rule By Political Decree? [2] in the Parliament wire.
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Welfare Rumblings
- Labour is promising that within a year the unemployed will be kicked off successful community wage schemes. See... Labour to Scrap Successful Welfare Programmes [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Food Price Rises
- Figures released today by Statistics New Zealand show that food prices in November were 0.5 per cent higher than in October 1999. However, overall food prices are 0.3 per cent lower than a year ago, said Deputy Government Statistician Ian Ewing. See... Stats NZ - Food Price Rises [1] in the Business wire. See also... Deutsche Bank: NZ Food Price Index - Nov 1999 [2] in the Business wire.
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Call For End To Discriminatory Policy On Visas
- United New Zealand Party leader, Peter Dunne, is calling on the new Government to change the current policy regarding the issue of visitors' visas to young, single people. See... Call For End To Discriminatory Policy On Visas [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Your Holiday Security Checklist
- With the holiday season nearly upon us, AMP General Insurance cautions people to follow a holiday security checklist. See... AMP Provides Holiday Security Checklist [1] in the General wire.
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E-Commerce Guidelines Show Advantage Of Local Buy
- The OECD’s E-Commerce guidelines are a welcome move towards providing security for on-line shoppers, however the lack of a binding agreement leaves consumers at risk when shopping offshore, according to Shane Frith, owner of Discounts On-line. See... E-Commerce Guidelines Show Advantage Of Local Buy [1] in the Business wire.
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Prison Labour Must End
- The Trade Union Federation has called on the Hon Matt Robson, new Minister of Corrections, to end the previous Government's policy of exploitation of prison labour for private profit. See... Prison Labour Must End [1] in the Business wire.
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Workfare Can Be Stopped Now – Unemployed Union
- “The much maligned work-fare or work-for-the-dole scheme can and must be stopped now,” said Robert Reid, President of UNITE!, the community based union for unemployed and low paid workers. See... Workfare Can Be Stopped Now [1] in the Politics wire.
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Special Millennium Stamps To Be Released
- New Zealand Post will release two stamps to mark both the last day of the second millennium and the first day of the third millennium. See... Special Stamps To Be Released [1] in the General wire.
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University Students Association Welcomes New Govt
- The New Zealand University Students Association (NZUSA) is welcoming the change of government and looking forward to working with an administration that puts the needs of students, staff and the community ahead of cost cutting exercises and rationalisation. See... University Students Association Welcomes New Govt [1] in the Education wire.
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Grey Power On Electricity and Local Ownership
- Grey Power considers the only effective way to lower electricity prices is to restore local public ownership. See... Grey Power On Electricity and Local Ownership [1] in the General wire.
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