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Published: Thu 18 Nov 1999 05:33 PM
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- New Zealand's first full strength premium vodka was launched last night at a special 'exhibition' for invited guests at Wellington's 'infamous' Brava restaurant. See... NZ's First Premium Vodka Launched In Wellington [1] in the Headlines wire. More Scoop images... Scoop Images: Jim Anderton On Don’s Bad Hair Day [2] , A hobbit summer house? BIG VERSION [3] , and Scoop World Exclusive - Bag End - BIG VERSION. [4]
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The Cannabis ‘Debate’ - Nats Get Nasty Over Green Threat
– Jonathan Hill looks at the beginning of a National Party campaign to discredit the Greens and to save their MP in the Coromandel. The first blows have been over the Greens cannabis policy but a proper debate on the issues seems no closer. See... Cannabis Debate - Nats Get Nasty Over Green Threat [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Suicide Leading Cause Of Death For Gun Buyers in US
- In a study of 238,292 individuals who legally purchased handguns in California in 1991, researchers at UC Davis School of Medicine and Medical Center report that suicide is the leading cause of death among recent purchasers of handguns. See... Suicide Leading Cause Of Death For Gun Buyers [1] in the Headlines wire.
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World bank, US State Department Warn Of Massive Y2K Disruptions
- Only 15% of 139 developing countries had taken steps to fix Year 2000 computer date rollover problems warns the World Bank. Don't expect global economic growth to continue. John Howard reports. See... World Bank, US State Dept. Warn Of Big Y2K Crisis [1] in the Headlines wire.
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EgyptAir Flight 990 Crash Caused By Deathwish Pilot?
- A crew member, possibly a relief pilot, seized EgyptAir Flight 990’s controls and forced the plane into a dive say reports. John Howard reports See... EgyptAir Flt. 990 Crash Caused By Deathwish Pilot? [1] in the Headlines wire. See also... FBI Take Over EgyptAir Probe [2] in the Headlines wire.
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Politicians Look Set To Be Charged Over Canadian Bad Blood Scandal
- Canada's bad blood criminal probe has entered a new phase with former politicians now likely to be charged. The French charged former politicians with manslaughter. John Howard reports. See... Canadian Politicians To Be Charged Over Bad Blood [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Blair Government Launches Legislation Onslaught – Pensions, Freedom of Information
- Britain's labour government has unveiled its heaviest legislative programme yet, a package of 28 bills ranging from tough reforms of the pension and benefits system to freedom of information. John Howard reports. See... Blair Government Launches Legislation Blitz [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Rankin on Thursday – ACT and Income Tax and Property Rights
- The Act Party has two income tax policies. One is to "move to a flatter tax rate structure" with "a top rate of company and personal income tax of no more than 20%" ("Tax - A Fair Tax System For Jobs and Growth", 3 November media release, Rodney Hide). See... Rankin: Act on Income Tax and Property Rights [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Scoop [Auckland] Opinion: How much longer do we have to endure the shame of having asylum seekers hunger striking while locked up inside Mt Eden Prison? A long time yet if today’s media release from Immigration Minister Tuariki Delamere is anything to go by.
See… Mr Delamere: Enough Is Enough! [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Americas Cup Race Reports - White Caps And Clashes:
Dennis Conner's Stars & Stripes delivered a stinging defeat to Paul Cayard's AmericaOne on a white-capped Hauraki Gulf today as one boat in each of four other matches retired with gear problems. See… White Caps And Clashes [1] in the Auckland wire.
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I Haven’t Been Calling Old People Late At Night – Peters
- The New Zealand First Leader and MP for Tauranga, Rt Hon Winston Peters, has today lodged a formal complaint with the police regarding late night phone calls to elderly Tauranga residents, claiming to be from Mr Peters’ office. See... Late Night Phone-calls Not From My Office — Peters [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Dramatic Reduction In Disqualified Drivers
- Six months into the new driver licensing regime and after more than 1 million photo licences have been issued, we've seen a dramatic reduction in disqualified driving figures, Transport Minister Maurice Williamson says. See... Dramatic Reduction In Disqualified Drivers [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Steps taken To Prevent CJD In Kiwi Blood Supplies
- Steps are being taken to protect the New Zealand blood supply from potential contamination from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD). See... Measures To Protect Blood Supplies from CJD [1] in the General wire.
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Alliance Launch Employment Policy
- Nobody under 20 will be on the dole under the Alliance employment policy. Instead, anyone under twenty who doesn't have full-time work will have free access to education or vocational training such as an apprenticeship, and will be paid as much for education or training as the unemployment benefit provides. See... Alliance employment policy [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Prebble – The Final Countdown
- There are eight days to go in the final campaign of the twentieth century. The campaign has been as dull as the issues are important. Our two women leaders have refused to engage each other or the nation in a debate over our country's future. See... The final countdown [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Greens Urge National To Fight Fair
– Green party campaign manager Roland Sapsford has written to the National party campaign manager over concerns that National are starting to run a dirty campaign against the Greens, particularly in the Coromandel. See... Greens Urge Nats To Fight Fair in Letter [1] in the Parliament wire.
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ACT Call For Select Committee Inquiry Into Floods
- ACT Leader Hon Richard Prebble today said ACT would insist that a special Select Committee of Parliament investigate who should be held liable for the latest flood in Alexandra. See... ACT Wants Select Committee Inquiry Into Floods [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Green Party launch Arts Policy
- The Green Party launched its arts policy, which includes giving the Minister of Cultural Affairs a seat at the Cabinet table and making donations to established artist organisations tax deductible. See... Green Party launches arts policy [1] in the Parliament wire.
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INCIS Hearings Begin on November 30
- The Commission on Inquiry into the INCIS project for the modernisation of police information systems will hold its initial public hearing on November 30 at 10am in Room 1, Floor 3, Terrace Conference Centre, Dalmuir House, 114 The Terrace, Wellington. See... Initial Hearing Of Incis Inquiry [1] in the Parliament wire.
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New MegaCentre Provides Jobs – Shipley
- The lives of hundreds of workers and their families are being enhanced with the opening of the new North City MegaCentre in Porirua, Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said. See... Mega Jobs Created By New North City Megacentre [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Greens Promise to be Next Government’s Animal Rights Conscience
- The Green Party today pledged to be the animal rights conscience of the next government, citing new forms of animal cruelty in New Zealand. See... Greens to be Govt's animal rights conscience [1] in the Parliament wire. See Sue Kedgley's speech to the Australia and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching… Kedgeley Speech on Animal Welfare [2] in the Parliament wire.
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Number of People Injured in Adventure Tourism Rivals Road Injuries
– Study - The number of overseas tourists injured in adventure tourism activities is close to the number who sustain injuries from driving. This startling figure has emerged from research into injury and fatalities amongst overseas tourists by Massey University. See... Tourist Adventure Injuries Rival Road Injuries [1] in the General wire.
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