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Published: Mon 11 Oct 1999 07:03 PM
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Today's East Timor Scoops
Aussie Troops In Provocative Covert Moves – Jakarta Issue Warnings
- Australian special forces and navy divers have been carrying out covert operations in East Timor since April in a provocative move that prompted warnings from Jakarta. John Howard reports. See… Aussie Troops In Provocative Covert Moves [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Road To East Timor Paved With Good Intentions
- Soldiers, rifles at the ready, are walking leafy streets and smiling at ragged children. Aid agencies, under heavily armed guard, are distributing food, tents and medicines. See… The Road to Timor is Paved With Good Intentions [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Cabinet Meets: Approves Pay Rise For Kiwi Diggers In Timor
- Labour Leader Helen Clark today welcomed the decision to raise the daily allowance payments to New Zealand peace-keepers in East Timor. The official announcement from cabinet's decisions is due tomorrow, in the meantime Helen Clark seems to know what is going on anyway. See... Clark welcomes decision to raise troops' pay [1] in the Parliament wire.
[1] -
Cabinet Meets: And Gives Even More To Timor
- New Zealand will provide a further $1 million in humanitarian relief to East Timor, Prime Minister Jenny Shipley announced today. This sum is in addition to the $250,000 announced on Friday. See... More New Zealand Aid For East Timor [1] and More Humanitarian Assistance For East Timor [2] in the Parliament wire.
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Today's Other Scoops
Kim Hill and Banksie on Bigotism
- This morning Radio New Zealand’s Kim Hill interviewed a fellow radio personality – Radio Pacific’s “Banksie”, retiring National MP for Whangarei and former Police Minister Hon. John Banks. As usual Kim did not take too long to cut to the chase. See… Banksie Discusses Bigotry With Kim Hill [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Scoop Visits The Home of Lord of the Rings
- Scoop visits Peter Jackson's Camperdown studios: Welcome To Camperdown - Camperdown Carpark - The Gates Of Camperdown - Camperdown Barracks. See… Scoop Images: Welcome To Camperdown Studios [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Quebec, East Timor and The West Coast
- Scoop's West Coast correspondent John Howard finds lessons in Bill Clinton's musings on Quebec and East Timor for New Zealand's increasingly embattled West Coasters. See… Scoop Column: The Politics Of Disintegration [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Warning Previously Issued In Paddington Tragedy
- Authorities investigating London's rail crash have given Railtrack managers one month to improve signalling systems but independent advisors had already told Railtrack in March of the dangerous system but no action was taken. John Howard reports. See… Paddington Smash: Signal Warnings In March Ignored [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Rape Crisis Pleased Levis Complaint Upheld
- Today Rape Crisis applauded the decision made by the Advertising Standards Complaints Board to uphold the complaint against the Levis Original Sin commercial widely screened on New Zealand television and cinema screens. See… Rape Crisis Pleased Levis Complaint Upheld [1] in the General wire.
[1] -
HFA and Southlink Sign $7 million Health Contract
- Dunedin's South Link Health and the Health Funding Authority have signed a contract worth more than $7 million for health care management. See… HFA and South Link Health sign $7.37m contract [1] in the General wire.
[1] -
Labour Launch Rural Policy
- Labour in government will introduce the new portfolio of Minister of Rural Affairs, says the party's agriculture spokesperson Jim Sutton. See… Something new for rural New Zealand [1] . Labour has recognised the special concerns and health requirements of rural New Zealanders in its Rural Health policy, says Labour health spokesperson Annette King and rural health spokesperson Mark Peck. See… Labour's 10 point plan for rural health [2] . However ACT Leader Richard Prebble said claims by the Labour party to be able to represent the farmers of New Zealand were not credible. See… Labour's rural claims not credible [3] . Prebble also says the Labour party is claiming to represent rural New Zealand but has only two farmer candidates - Jim Sutton and a chicken farmer. See… Labour offers Jim Sutton and a chicken farmer [4] . Food and Fibre Minister John Luxton said that Labour's rural policy offers nothing new for the rural sector and is further evidence that Helen Clark only knows how to take the country backwards not forwards. See… Labour's Rural Policies Offer Nothing New [5] . All in the Parliament wire.
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ACT Should Withdraw Genetic Engineering Comment – Greens
- Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons today called on ACT Leader Richard Prebble to withdraw a statement supporting genetically engineered kiwifruit. See… ACT Party should apologise to kiwifruit farmers [1] in the Parliament wire.
[1] -
Antibiotic Fruit Sprays Should Be Banned – Kedgley
- The practice of spraying fruit and tomatoes with antibiotics should be phased out, the Green Party said today. See… Sue Kedgley Urges Action Over Tomato Antibiotics [1] in the Politics wire.
[1] -
Vic Academic Strike Not On – Rebels
- Victoria University of Wellington's academics again went on strike this afternoon, despite expressions of concern from staff and students over the impact their action was having on exam preparations. See… Victoria Staff Strike "Unconscionable" [1] in the Politics wire.
[1] -
Labour Needs To Decide On Electoral Accomodations
- “Labour is covertly entering into electoral deals with the Greens and the Alliance, despite Helen Clark's earlier assurances that such accommodations by Labour would not be entered into,” says Banks Peninsula MP David Carter. See… Helen Clark's "Covert Deals" [1] in the Parliament wire.
[1] -
Timing Questionable Over Nelson Hospital Funding – King
- Labour health spokesperson Annette King has questioned the timing of the announcement of a $35.5 million building programme at Nelson Hospital. See… National: looking after its own health [1] in the Parliament wire.
[1] -
Bring It On World – All Blacks In Fine Form
- At 4.30am yesterday morning NZT the All Blacks played the English in a World Cup pool clash at Twickenham. It was a game well worth seeing. For Scoop’s match report see... World Cup: English Steamrolled By Lomagic Again [1] in the Headlines wire.
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The Last Parliament of 1996 - 99 Term Comes To An End
- The last week of the 1996-1999 Parliament comes to an end... EXTENDED BULLETIN. See… Scoop Today - Rounding Off The News Week [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Rail Disaster - The Cell Phones Finally Stop Ringing
- Three days after the Paddington rail crash in England, the mobile telephones inside the carriages may have finally stopped ringing. This provides some relief for the search teams, but not much. John Howard reports. See… Relief As Paddington Victim’s Phones Stop Ringing [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
HARD NEWS: Beware The Dick Fix
- HARD NEWS is first broadcast in Auckland on 95bFM around 8.45am on Fridays and replayed around 4.30pm Friday and 10am Sunday on The Culture Bunker. See… HARD NEWS 8/10/99 - Beware the Dick Fix [1] in the Headlines wire.
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SATURDAY FEATURE: Repairs To Hubble Space Scope Delayed
- This weekend we check out what's happening to the Hubble Space Telescope. See… Hubble Repair Mission On Hold Until December [1] in the Auckland wire.
[1] -
Counties Manukau Sport Monthly Turns NPC Historical
- Counties Manukau rugby supporters have had a rocky run this season, riding every NPC bump the Steelers' have travelled. But 20 years ago it was different. Leading Auckland sports writer Wayne Watson caught up with players and officials to relive the good old days. See… CountiesManukau Sport Monthly Turns NPC Historical [1] in the Auckland wire.
[1] -
Silverchair To Perform At AMEX Cup Concert
- The Australian rock band Silverchair has confirmed they will be performing in a one-night concert in the AMEX Cup Village on November 26. See… Australian Band Confirmed For Amex Cup Concert [1] in the Auckland wire.
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