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Published: Wed 4 Aug 1999 08:11 AM
Scoop's top 20 rating items yesterday were...
1: Mark Peck Said the 'M' Word
Despite his reluctance to now admit it, Labour's biotechnology spokesperson Mark Peck said the 'M' word last week. And in doing so he has heralded a major, and rather embarrassing U-turn for Labour's policy on genetic engineering.
2: Labour and Tax
Speech by Labour finance spokesperson Michael Cullen to KPMG Contrary to the hopes of some, the fears of others, and the expectations of many, tax has not emerged as one of the two or three leading issues of the 1999 election. Insofar as it has had ...
3: Media Hype No Cure For Cancer
The New Zealand distributor of a green-lipped mussel extract being touted as a possible cancer cure has halted distribution after recognising that claims made in promotional material far outstrip any evidence from research and are in breach of the Medicines ...
4: Scoop Today - Top 20
Scoop's top 20 rating items over the last 36 hours were...
5: Balkans Editorial: Teach Your Children Well
Scoop's Alastair Thompson analyses the latest developments in the Kosovo tragedy, and argues peace is not a two way street..
6: SCOOP ADVISORY: Top 20 Ratings System Launched
Of particular interest to those who want to know what others are interested in, the new ratings bulletins will be published each morning and evening from today in the Headlines wire.
7: Censor Censured Over R-16 For South Park
"It this is Bill Hastings's image of New Zealand the way he wants it, he can get himself another job. New Zealanders are not interested in promoting the pornographic perversity and incessant obscenities and blasphemies contained, in what must be, ...
8: NZers Move To Put MPs On Employment Contracts
1.Media Release 2.Copy of letter sent to MPs (that accompanied M-Pact employment contract) 3.Copy of letter sent to election candidates (that accompanied M-Pact employment contract) 4.Logo (attached logo.tiff).
9: Put up or shut up - Dame Margaret
Labour internal affairs spokesperson Trevor Mallard has expressed his sorrow at the approach used by the chair of the Fire Service Commission Dame Margaret Bazley.
10: The Listener
Editorial: Fashion Shows - Politics: WINZ Some Lose Some - Middle Class Burden - The Price Of Fame - Gone Bush - Blues Brothers - Share And Share Alike - The Silent Death
11: Christine Talks The Talk As Her Wrist Is Slapped
Is this the end, or just another phase in a deepening WINZ stouch? Scoop's Alastair Thompson prefers the second theory - A Scoop Today Special - News Analysis with links.
12: Nationla Radio 1pm Bulletin
WINZ - Lypronol - India Crash - Afghanistan - Bus Strike - ENZA Cleared
13: SCP Interactive: Edge Theory: An All Black Plane?
"The 747 I'd like to fly the world in [with the All Blacks]" - Kevin Roberts"
14: Power Price Negotiations Presser - Winston Peters
At New Zealand First's recent convention I urged all political parties to make MMP work for the New Zealand people.
15: National Radio 8am Bulletin
Indian Train Smash - Magic Mussels - Electricity Regulation - WINZ - Rugby
16: A Plea For Our Fungi
Some of New Zealand's estimated 20,000 species of fungi are in danger of becoming extinct, even before they are recognised, yet they are an important resource we cannot do without.
17: Cullen Wrong On Tax, Again - Young
"Cullen's attempts to down-play the importance of the tax issue shows that Labour is running scared on this issue. Their polls tell them that Labour has mis-judged the mood of the electorate on tax. Labour MPs fail to understand that no-one likes ...
18: Bradford Dismayed At Peters' Wearisome Tactics
Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford says he is deeply dismayed at Mr Peters' wearisome political tactics.
19: Sunday News
Lomu On The Market - Paul Holmes - Bolger Bankruptcy - All Black Promo Row - Marcus Lush - America's Cup Stunt
20: Funmail: Would You Adam And Eve It?
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