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Published: Wed 28 Jul 1999 03:59 PM
First Liquor Vote Passed - A Confidence Vote Won, Yawn - Watson Trial - Evidence Questioned - The Politics Of Pressure On GE Issues - Questions: PM Defends Public Service, Allegations About John Tamihere - Racism In Parliament? - Student Debt Impact Documented and much much more....
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First Liquor Vote Passed
- Parliament has approved photo ID cards by 57 - 56 votes in the first vote of a package to reform the liquor laws. The use of a photo ID is not compulsory and retailers do not have to ask to see it but seeing the ID is a defence for the seller if alcohol is sold to a minor. This result means that the House did not vote on an option setting up a Government approved age ID card for the purpose of drinking. There is coverage of that particular Debate [1] and also a handy guide to the issues and options being considered. [2]
[1] -
[2] -
A Confidence Vote Won, Yawn
A year ago they were eagerly anticipated, but today the Government won the last vote of that nature it had to face in this term [1] and no one blinked. See the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Watson Trial - Evidence Questioned
- A witness at the Scott Watson murder trial in Wellington has said he is now unsure of the evidence he gave yesterday after being cross examined today. See… Watson Trial - Significant Evidence Questioned [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
The Politics Of Pressure
- Scoop's Jonathan Hill examines the pressure exerted upon both the New Zealand government and New Zealand consumers to accept genetically engineered food. Originally published in the Soil & Health GE Issue, this feature takes a comprehensive look at the corporate and government investment into genetic engineering and shows why the key players now cannot turn their backs on this unpopular technology. See… The Pressure On NZ To Accept Genetic Engineering [1] in the Headlines wire. Republished with permission from Soil & Health.
[1] -
Questions: PM Defends Public Service, Allegations About John Tamihere
- Today's questions of the day were attended by the PM who defended, again, an embattled public service. Later in question time (question 11) she had the opportunity to go on the offensive against Labour after the New Zealand First Party raised allegations about severance payments from the Te Waiperaira Trust to Labour Candidate John Tamihere. The PM said the allegations could be serious if they were true. WINZ - ACC - Masters Of Business - Indigenous And Tribal People - Young Offending - National Archives (see.. Questions Of The Day (1-6) [1] ) Race Relations - Plunket Line - Bail - INCIS - Handshakes - Human Rights Commission (see..Questions Of The Day (7-12) [2] ).
[1] -
[2] -
Auckland News
- In the Auckland wire, there is coverage of Auckland Airport shares remaining with Manukau City [1] , the last patients moving from Kingseat [2] and much more.
[1] -
[2] -
The House Yesterday
- After Question Of The Day - Questions 7 - 12 - Super - WINZ Manager - Rankin's Partner - Telecom and Kiwishare - Minister of Transport's Conduct - Vaccines. See… Questions Of The Day (7-12) and Questions 1 -6 - Public Service - Jandal Wearers - WINZ and INCIS - Tax Levies - Superannuation - Telecom and Competition Law - Trade Deficit. See… Questions Of The Day (1-6), the House held two snap debates and then went into urgency [1] . See the headlines wire for coverage.
[1] -
Racism In Parliament?
- NZ First MP Brian Donnelly has accused Tau Henare of racism as, Donnelly claims, Henare would not allow Trevor Mallard to speak in a special debate because he is not Maori. See… Racism in Parliament Deplored [1] in the Parliament wire.
[1] -
More WINZ Extravagance
- Green Party Co-leader Rod Donald says he has documents which show that WINZ took ten staff members to a VIP lunch at a cost of $600 per person. He said a number of other government agencies also attended the lunch which probably cost the taxpayer $50,000 all up. See… More WINZ extravagance exposed [1] in the Parliament wire.
[1] -
Auckland Pollution
- Auckland's air pollution levels are higher than they have been in years. The levels of air pollution are caused mainly by residential wood fires as well as traffic and industry. Levels in Queen Street are particularly high and authorities are considering action particularly regarding wood fires.
Student Debt Impact Documented
- Pressure continues to build on the government over the skyrocketing student loan scheme. Today the New Zealand University and Polytech Students' Association released their Debt Casebook which contains first hand accounts of how the loan debt impacts on students. See… Debt Casebook - Reality Check For Bradford [1] in the Education wire.
[1] -
Parents' Top Ten
- In the Parliament, the Prime Minister outlines her top 10 issues for parents [1]
[1] -
Suicide and Mental Health
- The Alliance says that 273 mental health patients have taken their own lives [1] while in hospital care in the last four years.
[1] -
F-16 Debate
- Parliament has debated the Government's decision to purchase 28 F-16s from the US Government on a ten-year-lease at a cost of $362 million. Last year Scoop's Alastair Thompson comprehensively covered the issue. See…Scoop Links: Full Coverage Of The F-16 Purchase [1] in the Headlines wire. Meanwhile the Green Party have attacked the purchase of F-16 jets and will push for the cancellation of the purchase.. See… Greens Will Push For Cancellation Of F-16s [2] in the Politics wire.
[1] -
[2] -
Dental Warning
- The Ministry of Health is advising dentists to avoid using or removing any tooth filling material in pregnant women where clinically reasonable. See… Precautionary advice for Dentists / Pregnant Women [1] in the General wire.
[1] -
Plastic Mattress Wrap Warning
- The Ministry of Health is warning all parents to take care to unwrap the plastic from babies' mattresses, following the recent death from accidental suffocation of a Wellington child whose mattress was wrapped in a plastic bag. See… Plastic mattress covers and accidental suffocation [1] in the General wire. There is reaction from Dr Sprott in the same wire.
[1] -
Tetraplegic Cannabis User Granted Early Release
- Danuiel Clark, the tetraplegic jailed for medicinal use of cannabis, was released from jail at 7.30 this morning. Clark served 11 out of his sentenced 21 days in prison. Clark was picked up from prison by his spokesperson Nandor Tanczos, the Green Party candidate for Auckland Central. See…Tetraplegic Cannabis User Freed Today [1] . For earlier coverage of the story see NZ Story Has Mirror Image In Britain [2] and Tetraplegic Jailed For Medicinal Cannabis [3] all in the Headlines wire. The Green Party Strong Communities spokesperson Janine McVeagh today said that... Idiotic Policies Put Tetraplegic In Prison [4] in the Politics wire.
[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
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