What Morality Is

Published: Thu 11 Jun 2020 08:38 AM
Morality and justice are the same things. Their application is rationality.
Definitions and all meanings have to be aligned upon purpose; otherwise they misrepresent. There is a purpose for morality, justice and rationality. The purpose is to promote and sustain life. The standard which sustains and promotes life is morality, justice and rationality.
The reason why there are two words for morality and justice is because they were developed in different contexts. Morality was developed in a religious context, while justice was developed in a governmental or secular context, where religion was not being related to. In other words, the term morality attaches to everything else in religion, while the term justice does not.
Applying morality and justice has requirements with it. Meeting those requirements is rationality. The reason why the word rationality starts with an r and an a is because it is an offshoot of the wood reason. Reason means making connections between one thing and another. When all connections are consistent with each other, they sustain life. When contradictions occur, life is being destroyed.
These abstract summaries apply to the absence of the problem. Once the problem exists, the domain makes a drastic turn toward a bunch of forces which drive corruption. The number one force driving all corruption is the assumption that if a persons could prevail against others, it would solve his problems.
There are any number of ways to prevail, but there is one basic purpose of prevailing that creates the destructivity of corruption. Corrupters have the purpose of prevailing through force. The use of force is the basis of destructivity, and force aligned upon prevailing is always at the origins of corruption.
Force is impossible to define in itself. It only has meaning in terms of its context. The context of force is a destruction of reality. So the definition of force is that which destroys reality. The reality has to exist before the force which destroys it can exist.
Corrupters intend to prevail by destroying reality. There is no concept in their existence of how prevailing would occur without the use of force to destroy reality. Such a state can be achieved—prevailing without force—but not in the minds of corrupters.
There are preventative and constructive measures that prevail without force. Aligning upon them is morality, justice and rationality. But standards with complex requirements are required; so persons who try to prevail without those standards resort to force as a method of prevailing.
To a large extent, for humans to prevail without the use of force is to rely upon truth. All constructivity could be viewed as a method of prevailing without force, but the prevail element is diffuse and hard to pin down apart from the truth element.
Truth is a major force—the only force corrupters cannot defy—but it is not a humanly created force. It comes out of the universe, and humans can only promote it. Truth is the communication of unified reality. Actions can communicate truth without verbalization.
Corrupters assume that moral or rational persons do nothing to oppose their corruptions. They assume moral persons lie down in front of them to be steamrolled over. But corrupters cannot tolerate the truth that moral persons use to end the corruption.
The use of force to prevail against others is called domination. All corruption has domination at its origins. If not, call it virtue.
Domination is inseparable from degradation, exploitation and oppression. So philosophers often combine all four words in describing corruption: domination, degradation, exploitation and oppression. Using force to destroy realities as a method of prevailing is always degradation. To gain anything from destructive means is exploitation. To victimize others for such purposes is oppression, because only vulnerable persons can be victimized.

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