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Published: Thu 15 Nov 2018 02:26 PM has just launched Section Sponsorships - the newest way for you to gain exposure for your brand to Scoop’s high value audience of 500,000 monthly readers. We are offering our top performing ‘Business’, ‘Politics’, and ‘Culture, Education & Health’ Sections at really excellent rates. This sponsorship arrangement will also ensure the survival of Scoop’s vital independent news service and infrastructure into the future.
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This opportunity will give your organisation powerful and persistent exposure to Scoop’s 500,000 monthly readers, which includes a high proportion of Professional readers and key decision-makers in the New Zealand Business, Politics and the Culture/Social sector. This is a big opportunity for early entry into a sponsorship relationship with a pioneering and ethical independent media brand with big ambitions to radically change the media landscape in New Zealand in 2019.
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These packages are priced very reasonably, yet offer clients the following extensive value:
• Naming rights to the section on Scoop including prominent logo placement.
• “Business Section brought to you by [Insert your brand]”
• Up to 1 million Premium ads per year (300x250 size)
• Guaranteed exposure on Scoop’s front page (125,000 est. views per month).
• Section audience of up to 200,000 views per month.
• 2 x premium editorial placements per month supporting your brand and mission.
• A ScoopPro essential package featuring InfoPages + Newsagent services (valued at up to $3,000 per year).
By way of comparison with other independent newsrooms offering section sponsorships, with public stats sourced from SimilarWeb, The Spinoff has almost twice as many monthly visits as Scoop does, and Newsroom has around two thirds as many monthly visits as Scoop. This offer is a very cost effective proposition to be associated with Scoop and access a lot of readers at a very affordable rate.
Our Mission
Scoop aims to increase access to digital ‘public interest’ news media and foster media literacy by enhancing the ability of a diverse range of citizens to interpret, understand and use this information to inform robust debate, democratic choices, and meaningful participation in society and the economy.
About Scoop
Scoop Publishing Limited is a social enterprise which operates the site with a small team including editorial and business staff. SPL is wholly owned by the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism a Not-For-Profit charitable trust established in 2015. Scoop is a part of the Enspiral Network of impact oriented ventures which has improved and decentralised organisational management and practices. Any profits Scoop Publishing makes will go to the Scoop Foundation to support Public Interest journalism projects like this one produced in 2016 on PND in NZ and this one funded in 2017 on Earthquakes.
We are currently fundraising to execute an exciting transition to become a cooperative and community owned newsroom in 2019.
See the Campaign and “Scoop 3.0” Plan outline here
Scoop Editorial Policy and Approach
Scoop uses our own unique form of a creative commons Non-Commercial license to support the ScoopPro “Ethical Paywall Model”. An explanation of Scoop’s copyright approach, Editorial policy and our Terms of Use are available in the About Scoop Section here.
Vital News Media information must be freely and equally accessible to the public in order to support a more equal and democratic society.
Scoop has instituted the innovative ScoopPro Model in order to ensure that commercial readers pay to maintain this service.
Being associated with a pioneering media organisation addressing the media crisis head on with such innovative approaches to ensuring the public good is taken care of, will be an extremely beneficial positioning step for those organisations that claim these sections.
Scoop’s Collaborative Working Approach
Scoop is a member of the Enspiral network, of organisations and freelancers working towards positive social change. We have adopted from Enspiral, a commitment to being a participatory and non-hierarchical organisation with collaborative work methods.
We would love to work closely with your organisation to receive ideas, input and creative inspiration on content and related strategy to make this sponsorship arrangement work most effectively for you and for us. We guarantee that working together, we can generate greater results than apart.
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Scoop is NZ's largest independent news source; respected widely in media, political, business and academic circles for being the place on the internet for publishing "what was really said", and for the quality of its analysis of issues.

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