Open Letter to those charged with investigating 9/11 crimes

Published: Mon 17 Oct 2011 05:14 PM
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An Open Letter to those charged with investigating the crimes of 9/11
Kyle F. Hence
October 14, 2011
Dear former 9/11 Commissioners Roemer, Ben-Veniste, Gorelick, Director Zelikow and Staffers De and Jacobson:
Clearly, by this article we see that immensely important investigative efforts continue. Some extraordinary work done here by Rory O'Connor and Ray Nowosielski. This is 9/11's biggest mystery in which we can name names (some long hidden, others not so much) and demand further inquiry and accountability, until we know the truth and the WHOLE story.
A growing number of former government insiders — all responsible officials who served in a number of federal posts — are now on record as doubting ex-CIA director George Tenet’s account of events leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Among them are several special agents of the FBI, the former counterterrorism head in the Clinton and Bush administrations, and the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, who told us the CIA chief had been “obviously not forthcoming” in his testimony and had misled the commissioners.
How right Patty Casazza was when she told me during our interview for Press for Truth, "They all lied"!
We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, for one, Presidential Medal of Honor winner, former CIA chief George Tenet lied to the American people and to the 9/11 Commission during his testimony saying he'd not spoken with President Bush in August. Former Commission Chair Tom Kean agrees! He told us so for our podcast (see below).
So it's a slam dunk case for new investigation and while we're at how about bringing up Tenet on a charge of lying/obstructing an investigation. But hey I'm no lawyer. And why would I put faith in a justice system that won't charge bankers for the biggest financial fraud in US history or go after those who shamed America by implementing torture worldwide, in our name.
Sure would like to get the bottom of the case brought to light in ths salon article and in the Who is Rich Blee? podcast (see
How about you if you had a 'do-over'?
Former Senator Bob Graham has called for a re-opening of the 9/11 investigation. Former Commissioner Kerrey you too have said as much.
Where do you all stand now? You couldn't possibly be content the 9/11 Commission Report being the 'last word' or last official word on the 9/11 attacks. If not then "what say you?" Will you speak out as these insiders have done? History will not look kindly on you if you don't. Further, any semblance of justice or accountability in the USA will have tragically died along with the 9/11 victims.
Kyle F. Hence
Consulting Producer, Who is Rich Blee?
Executive Producer, 9/11 Press for Truth
Founder, 9/11 CitizensWatch
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