Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 25 November 2009

Published: Thu 26 Nov 2009 10:47 AM
Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 25 November 2009
1: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Moves Breaking Down
United Nations
With no Israeli-Palestinian negotiations underway, no agreed terms of reference for such talks, and Israel’s refusal to freeze settlements posing a key challenge, a senior United Nations official today called for “immediate actions on the ground” ...
2: Commonwealth Should Reconsider Rwanda Membership
Heather Collister
At the 2009 CHOGM Heads of Government will make a decision on whether to admit Rwanda to the Commonwealth. The criteria for membership of the Commonwealth derive from the establishment at the 2005 CHOGM in Malta of a Committee on Commonwealth membership. ...
3: Sheila Samples: God Has Left The Building...
Sheila Samples
Several months ago, CNN published the results of a couple of disturbing polls about Americans and their religious beliefs. The first found that more Americans are rejecting religion and thus, according to CNN, America is becoming "less Christian." The second, ...
4: Imagining 2020 #1 - The Age Of Smart
Imagining 2020
This story came about because there didn’t seem to be any overall New Zealand plan to reduce our emissions – let alone at the scale and speed needed to do our fair share to avoid global climate tipping points. Yet, as life seems to go on as usual, ...
5: Network against Repression and for Solidarity
Network against Repression and for Solidarity
La Brigada de Observación de la Red contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad (The Observation Brigade of the Network against Repression and for Solidarity) formed by different groups and organizations reaffirm their support and sympathy for the ...
6: Climate Change Accelerating Beyond Expectations
The Copenhagen Diagnosis
Global ice-sheets are melting at an increased rate; Arctic sea-ice is disappearing much faster than recently projected, and future sea-level rise is now expected to be much higher than previously forecast, according to a new global scientific synthesis ...
7: Tom Frewen: Today In Parliament 25.11.09
Tom Frewen
House continues debating the government's revised emissions trading scheme under urgency. During the Law and Order Select Committee's financial review of the Corrections Department, Clayton Cosgrove questions the department's Chief Executive, Barry Matthews, ...
8: Imagining 2020 #2: Low Carbon Future? Bah! Humbug!
Imagining 2020
On the eve of December’s Copenhagen conference on climate, all indications are that there will be no legally binding obligations agreed to by nations insofar as carbon emissions are concerned. The inability of civilisations to pre-empt catastrophe ...
9: Audio + Images: 9/11 Truth Address By Richard Gage
George McLellan
Richard Gage Presentation on the Truth Behind the 9/11 Investigation Images, Audio and Story By George McLellan
10: Why Price is the Oath of Allegiance?
Graeme Hunt
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, whose racist email nearly ended his parliamentary career, may have misled Parliament when he affirmed his loyalty to the Queen, according to media commentator Graeme Hunt. “All MPs must affirm or give an oath of allegiance ...
11: Open Letter to the Minister of Education
University of Otago
Minister, we are education academics from the Universities of Otago, Waikato and Auckland who attended the National Standards forum organised by the NZEI last week.
12: Cutting Costs on the Road Becomes a No Brainer
Route optimisation reduces vehicle on-road costs for fleets as small as one vehicle, with a new SaaS service. Route²GO calculates the best order of visits for company vehicles, saving time and running costs for businesses of all sizes. Companies no ...
13: Real Estate: Australia Should Brace For a Tsunami
Citizens Electoral Council
There is increasing panic that America’s commercial real estate market is set to implode, which will hurl the world’s biggest economy even faster towards sovereign debt default, and a chain reaction global collapse that will swamp every national ...
14: Questions and Answers - 24 Nov 2009
Office of the Clerk
Emissions Trading Scheme—Costs to Taxpayers; Emissions Trading Scheme—Amendments; Emissions Trading Scheme—Amendments; Youth Unemployment—Minister’s Statements;Youth Unemployment—Job Ops Scheme
15: Top Scoop Stories November 25th 2009 News Summary
The Scoop Editor
LEAD STORY Gordon Campbell: Using Kids As Guinea Pigs(+ Hone, ETS) NZ POLITICS Criminal Arithmetic: Collin Uses Shonky Figures To Justify Private Prisons Crying Over Spilt Blood: Govt & Fonterra Must Condemn "San Lu" Executions Nothing To See Here: No Maori ...
16: ETS bill "won't help environment" - Commissioner
Parliamentary Commissioner For The Environment
“I urge Members of Parliament not to undermine our existing ETS, by passing the amendments bill” said Dr Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment today. “In its current form, the bill virtually guarantees that the ETS will not ...
17: Low-Income NZers To Subsidise Power Companies
ACT New Zealand
ACT New Zealand ETS Spokesman John Boscawen today condemned National and the Maori Party for ramming the Emissions Trading Scheme into law today – thereby placing a massive financial burden on low-income New Zealanders. "Implementation of the ETS ...
18: Collins' shonky figures to justify private prisons
New Zealand Government
Figures supplied by Corrections give the lie to Corrections Minister Judith Collins’ claim that it is cheaper to run private prisons than public equivalents, says Labour Law and Order spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove.
19: Nomads opens up its intellectual property to share
Nomads World Hotels
Nomads, Australasia's premium Backpacking and flashpacking accommodation network, have just launched a website which exposes their business practices to everyone within the travel and tourism industry. The website is a free resource for anyone who is ...
20: League tables don’t tell the full story
New Zealand Labour Party
Frontline health professionals are being given extra paperwork to help DHBs look better in the Government's health league tables, Labour Associate Health spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway said. “In response to questions from representatives of Lakes ...
21: Bill could unravel ACC cover
Age Concern
Proposed amendments to ACC legislation seek to exclude people with less than 6% damage to their hearing. If passed this could be the beginning of the end for minor injury cover, Age Concern New Zealand says. "The proposal to refuse cover for ‘low levels’ ...
22: Govt & Fonterra must condemn "San Lu" executions
Amnesty International
Amnesty International is calling on both the New Zealand Government and Fonterra to condemn the executions of two people involved in the San Lu tainted milk powder scandal and to raise those concerns with China. Zhang Yujun and Geng Jinping were ...
23: Health Cheque: The Truth About NZ Public Health
What sort of shape is our health system in? Is it the third world cast-off that some commentators would have us believe, or is it a model of success?
24: Entrepreneurs Key To Growth
ACT New Zealand
ACT New Zealand Finance Spokesman Sir Roger Douglas today urged the Tax Working Group to adopt his recently released blueprint for economic success in order to reverse our nation’s poor economic growth and see New Zealand prosper. "The Tax Working ...
25: Speech: Chauvel - ETS debate third reading
New Zealand Labour Party
Mr Speaker, we are about to pass into law a bill that is fundamentally flawed on multiple levels. It is economically irrational, socially inequitable, environmentally counter-productive and fiscally unsustainable. And its hallmark has been one of poor ...
26: Maori Party - 'Our word is our bond'
The Maori Party
The National Executive of the Maori Party has confirmed that no meeting has been organised or authorised of the National Council to discuss the decision of the Maori Party to support the Emissions Trading Scheme. Te Orohi Paul, Co-vice President, ...
27: Men Leaders To Combat Violence Against Women
United Nations
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today marked the 10th anniversary of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by launching a Network of Men Leaders, a major new initiative bringing together current and former politicians, activists, ...
28: Tolley doesn’t care about Aorangi closure
New Zealand Labour Party
Labour's Lianne Dalziel says she is appalled to discover that Education Minister Anne Tolley publicly announced confirmation of her final decision to close Aorangi School without telling teachers and parents so that she could put her reasons in ...
29: Breaking ground in real estate
GoodGround Real Estate
A new independent real estate company – GoodGround – has officially opened its doors from its home base in Waipu.
30: Experts warn on children’s health
Child Poverty Action Group
Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is urging the government to heed the findings of health researchers who have highlighted the dangers of worsening children's health in the recession. The Children's Social Health Monitor, compiled by childrens health ...
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