Daily Voting News For 6th July

Published: Tue 7 Jul 2009 01:07 PM
Daily Voting News For 6th July
Guest blogged by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
How can we get a fair and honest election? In the Philippines, citizens worry about paper-ballot fraud; in India, they worry about electronic-voting fraud; in Iran, many question the results of their recent paper-ballot election; in Colorado, the Arapahoe County Clerk extols the virtues of DREs and decries paper ballots. Maybe the way to get a fair and honest election lies not in our technology, but in our transparency.
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In 1896 the New York legislature and the courts agreed that to permit an essential step of the electoral process to be within the exclusive control of the State, outside of public view, renders “voting a useless formality as it depends upon the will of the [state] as to who shall hold office, and not upon the vote of the people.”
Could open, public observation of the vote count put election questions to rest?...
• AZ: Vote registration system is long overdue for reform LINK
• Colorado: Fools rush to paper ballots LINK
(A 10-minute interview with Nancy Doty, the elected Clerk and Recorder in Arapahoe County.)
• Minnesota: Compromise key ingredient for election reform LINK
• New York: News From Underground: MCM and Andi Novick speak on VOTING in NY ... LINK
• New York: New voting machines in Montgomery and Fulton counties LINK
• Ohio: Ohio must stress accountability with bipartisan, nonpartisan election reform LINK
• Tennessee: 'Battle of Athens' reference leads to TBI investigation LINK
• Tennessee: Law Requires Paper Ballots In Tennessee LINK
• Texas: Gov. Perry Inserts Typo in Veto Message of Bill About Voter Registration Typos LINK
• Texas: Rep. Scott Hochberg Responds To Governor's Veto [of bill related to voter registration typos] LINK
• West Virginia: WV Vote Flipping Testimonial Video LINK
• Afghanistan: Corrupt election campaign unfolds in US-occupied Afghanistan LINK
• Albania: Albanian Opposition Socialists Demand Recount In Southern Area LINK
• Bulgaria: In Bulgaria, votes go to the highest bidder LINK
• Bulgaria: Bulgaria election starts, Turks from Turkey face obstacles LINK
• Canada: Venting About Voting LINK
• India: Was Election 2009 rigged? LINK
• India: Voting machine on the wall, who's the best candidate of all? LINK
(A poem "written" by an EVM.)
• India: EC rejects calls to discontinue EVMs LINK
• Iran: Clerical Leaders Defy Ayatollah on Iran Election LINK
• Iran: Many Iranians unconvinced about poll result - cleric LINK
• Japan: Election And Internet In Japan LINK
• Mexico: Mexican election draws its 'anulistas' LINK
• Mexico: Election looks to favor Mexico's former ruling party LINK
(The null vote was running at about 6.5 percent.)
• Philippines: CBCP happy with poll automation development LINK
• Philippines: 'Dream' polls promised: Smartmatic vows 100% accuracy, winners in 3 days LINK
• Philippines: Poll automation should restore trust in admin LINK
• Philippines: Solon: Automation 'tainted' despite TIM-Smartmatic reconciliation LINK
• Philippines: 'TIM president ended cool off with Smartmatic to save firm' LINK
(Commission on Elections (Comelec) legal chief Ferdinand Rafanan said the possibility of the two companies engaging in electronic election fraud is remote.)
• Philippines: Legal issues caused rift with Smartmatic, says TIM LINK
• Philippines: Melo: People want automation LINK
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Ellen Theisen, Director and Managing Editor
Dave Klein, Editor
John Washburn, Editor
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