Public Address 09/12/08 - Birth of the Nasty

Published: Tue 9 Dec 2008 05:05 PM
Public Address 09/12/08 - Birth of the Nasty (+ Kylie!)
Birth of the Nasty | Dec 09, 2008 10:53
Russell Brown's Hard News
When do you think the Herald is going to get over this thing with Labour? Judging by yesterday's editorial, no time too soon. The editorial's core sentiment is laudable enough: a wish for a gentler, more respectful House of Parliament. The problem is that the editorial makes its...
Following The Songlines | Dec 09, 2008 10:01
Graham Reid's many things
And so despite derision and disbelief from a few people, I went to Kylie last night. But I wanted to see a costume-change pop show and have lived with the disappointment of missing Cher twice. We had tickets for Christina Aguilera (I think it was her) who cancelled at the...
It's like a jungle sometimes | Dec 09, 2008 09:56
Jolisa Gracewood is on her way to where the air is sweet Living within the orbit of one of the world's great cities is a wonderful thing. You know that at any minute, you can hop on a train or jump in the car and emerge, an hour or so later, in the middle of Metropolis. Wheee! It's like teleporting, albeit very...
If he did it | Dec 08, 2008 20:24
Hadyn Green yells. A lot.
As far as falls from grace go, OJ Simpson's one was spectacular, long and very public. To mix my sporting metaphors: Simpson is the Greg Louganis of grace-falling. When OJ entered the National Football League as the first pick of the 1969 draft he was a...
All I Want for Christmas is a Dark Elf Thief | Dec 08, 2008 13:46
Emma Hart said so, that's why.
It's not that I hate Christmas. I have no Christmas-related traumas; it doesn't often drive me to irrational atheistic ranting. It's just that Christmas can be trying. You can''t hate your three year old no matter how much she whines and screams: she's just trying. This year I've got Christmas...

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