Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings November 19 2008

Published: Thu 20 Nov 2008 09:31 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Intel Launches Fastest Processor on the Planet
Intel Corporation introduced its most advanced desktop processor ever, the Intel® Core™ i7 processor. The Core i7 processor is the first member of a new family of Nehalem processor designs and is the most sophisticated ever built, with new technologies ...
2: Images: Cheers and stares farewell Helen Clark
David McLellan
Around three hundred people gathered on the steps of Parliament this morning to farewell the outgoing Prime Minister Helen Clark.
3: Dietitians complain about TV weight-loss series
Science Media Centre
TV3's weight-loss series, Downsize Me ended recently amid controversy over the accuracy of some of the nutritional information, and the approach taken by the presenters in promoting the weight loss. The New Zealand Dietetic Association, who recently ...
4: Images: No More Waiting - Key Is Prime Minister
Kevin List
Images taken at the swearing in of the New National-led Government's Ministry this morning.
5: Robert Parker finally breaks silence on NZ wine
Joint Media Statement
For the first six issues of Robert Parker’s Wine Buyers guide, the world’s best known (and some might say the most controversial) wine critic declined to comment on New Zealand wine. Finally, with the release of the 7th edition, the silence has ...
6: Pharmaceutical Industry Hustlers - Part II
Evelyn Pringle
To gain approval for treating children, all a drug company has to do is submit two positive studies to the FDA to prove a medication is safe and effective for kids. However, after 20 years of feeding the new generation of antidepressants to tens ...
7: CYF Policies result in child abuse
Sensible Sentencing Trust
Sensible Sentencing Spokesperson on Drug Issues, Christine Davey, notes that in the wake of the Nia Glassie convictions, CYF are imploring the public to report child abuse so it can be intervened with. And therein lies the problem, she says.
8: Speech: Phil Goff Outlines Trading Future For NZ
New Zealand Labour Party
Thank you for the opportunity to address you today. It is an interesting time. This is alternatively my last speech as Minister of Trade and my first as Leader of the Opposition.
9: Images: National Storm Cabinet Office
Kevin List
The takeover of the Beehive by John Key's National government was completed this afternoon with the first cabinet meeting of the new administration. On the way up to the rarefied air at the top of the Beehive there were however a few Vote Labour ...
10: Nats already breaking promises on climate change
New Zealand Labour Party
National leader John Key's u-turn on the Emissions Trading Scheme is his first broken promise, the outgoing Minister for Climate Change Issues David Parker said today.
11: Media In A Destabilised World Discussed In Jakarta
Selwyn Manning
Audio-Text-Images: Scoop co-editor Selwyn Manning has returned from Jakarta having attended a forum discussing how media plays a part, both positively and negatively, in shaping our region's history - especially when reproting conflict & crisis.
12: TV3 To Produce And Screen NZ’s Next Top Model
TV3 has confirmed it will produce a local version of the highly successful AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL®, to screen in 2009. NEW ZEALAND’S NEXT TOP MODEL will conduct a nationwide search for the 13 young women who will take part in the series. The ...
13: British Police Smash SE Asian Sex Trafficking Ring
United Nations
Police raids on several hundred buildings in the United Kingdom have recovered dozens of sex trafficking victims, mostly from East and South-East Asia, and led to legal charges against dozens of suspects, according to a UN report.
14: Tasks Ignored During the Bush Reign of Horror
Michael Collins
The last eight years can best be described as the illegitimate rule of deviant forces bent on enriching the few at the expense of the many. Poverty is up, real income is flat for the majority of citizens while the elite have " super sized " their holdings ...
15: Air New Zealand Announces Redundancies
Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand announced today that it will disestablish up to 200 full-time jobs.
16: Myanmar: UN Demands New Fair Trials For Prisoners
United Nations
Five independent UN experts on human rights demanded that authorities in Myanmar hold fair and open re-trials for dozens of prisoners of conscience sentenced to lengthy prison terms and immediately release their jailed defence counsels.
17: Justice finally comes for Nia Glassie
Office of the Children's Commissioner
Justice finally comes for Nia Glassie, Children’s Commissioner While it in no way compensates for the loss of Nia Glassie’s life, today’s guilty verdicts mean that in this case at least, some justice has occurred, Children’s Commissioner ...
18: Israeli Navy Abducts 14 Palestinian Fishermen
International Solidarity Movement
Gaza City, 10 a.m.- Fourteen Palestinian fishermen and 3 international Human Rights Observers (HRO’s) were surrounded by the Israeli Navy and taken from their boats 7 miles off the coast of Deir al Balah, Gaza Strip.
19: The task of evicting Israel from Lebanon
Franklin P Lamb
“We, as Lebanese, are here to confirm that we cling to freeing every grain of our soil. We will not abandon the great national cause, which is the continuation of the liberation of our land. The resistance looks forward to hoisting the flags of ...
20: 2008 Roger Award Finalists Named
Roger Awards
The eight finalists for the 2008 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand are (in alphabetical order): ANZ, BAT (British American Tobacco NZ), Contact Energy, GlaxoSmithKline, Infratil, McDonalds, Rio Tinto ...
21: Stateside: Parlor games
Rosalea Barker
On Face the Nation this morning, host Bob Schieffer’s commentary began “Let the parlor games begin!” He was referring to the guessing games that go on during a transition: “that time of high hopes and great speculations about who is going ...
22: Progressives to co-operate w Labour in coalition
Progressive Party
A close relationship with Labour in government will be every bit as close in Opposition, Progressive Party leader and Wigram MP leader Jim Anderton says.
23: Ending Poverty: Moving Beyond More Aid, Fair Trade
Share the World's Resources
As the United Nations seeks increased financial assistance from donor countries to help meet the flagging Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the inadequacy of international aid and fairer trade agreements has never been so clear.
24: Was Prop 8 Fixed by Religious Zealots?
Mark Crispin Miller
Well, well, well. First we find out, happily, that We the People may not be so fiercely racist after all, as Election '08 has debunked the (feeble) theory of "the Bradley effect." And now it turns out that Americans--at least those in gay-friendly California ...
25: Getting Through the Coming Depression
Bernard Weiner
Our men's group, currently in its 17th year, is composed of middle-class professionals -- lawyers, educators, therapist, writer, corporate manager, doctor, etc. -- and each of us in this perilous economy in recent months has taken a deep financial hit ...
26: UN Calls For End To Israeli Blockade Of Gaza Strip
United Nations
The top UN human rights official called today for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, which she said contravened international law and had deprived those living there of their most basic human rights for months.
27: No U-Turn on Carbon Tax
New Zealand Business Roundtable
The Business Roundtable has welcomed National Party leader John Key’s indication that the new government will be willing to consider the merits of a carbon tax vis-à-vis an emissions trading scheme (ETS) as a response to climate change.
28: How Barycentric Orbits Influence Climate
New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
The newly appointed Minister for Climate Change, who strongly espouses the conventional IPCC view and also emissions trading, will be placed in a very invidious position long before the conclusion of this new Parliamentary term, says Dr Jim Sprott, OBE, ...
29: Labour market eases but skills shortage persists
Demand for healthcare workers appears recession-proof but business professionals are facing a significant slump in their job prospects, according to the latest recruitment industry research.
30: 90s Cabinet Gets Key Coat of Varnish
Gordon Campbell
The new Cabinet has been greeted with such hosannas from the mainstream media we can only assume some of those articles were really job applications, disguised as commentary. Get a grip. Has there ever been an incoming administration that hasn’t ...
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