Public Address 12/11/08 - Rethinking the EFA

Published: Wed 12 Nov 2008 03:53 PM
Public Address 12/11/08 - Rethinking the EFA
Rethinking the EFA | Nov 12, 2008 09:43
Russell Brown's Hard News
Phil Goff has let it be known that he, personally, wasn't really comfortable with the "final wording" of the Electoral Finance Act, and would be keen to work with the National-led government on a new or amended law. So how should a fresh crack at electoral law look? The Herald...
Key and the 'nesians | Nov 12, 2008 08:49
David Slack has no fear of fisking itself
Complete this sentence: The lesson of the Great Depression is… This is a foolish question to ask. It has only been seven decades; far too soon to know. I left high school believing this to be true: FDR delivered America from the Depression; the Savage government put New Zealand back...
Good shot old chap | Nov 11, 2008 20:04
Hadyn Green yells. A lot.
As fun as it is to bitch about things we hate (and even more fun to swear about them) it always does the spirit good to look at the good things happening in the world. And in particular (for this blog) the sports world. First up, an historic day as...
PA Radio: Melanie Lynskey
Posted at 9:28PM on 11 Nov 08. Permalink.
Damian Christie talks to actress Melanie Lynskey about life in LA and being back home for the premiere of her new film, home-made flick "Show of Hands",1510,

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