Daily Voting News For November 4, 2008

Published: Wed 5 Nov 2008 09:58 AM
Daily Voting News For November 4, 2008
Morning Edition
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
This is it. The day we have been waiting for.
Problems began first thing this morning with machine failures in New Jersey. There were also reports of memory cards failing on AVS Winvote machines in Fairfax Co Virginia. The wet weather in some states has caused problems with paper ballots that have swollen enough to not work in optical scan machines. The ballots are being put in ballot boxes until they dry enough to be run. Voting machines in 8 Philadelphia precincts have failed and emergency paper ballots are being passed out.
Voting machines supplied for voters with disabilities have been removed from use by order of a court. The counties Hart Intercivic eSlates failed to register straight-party votes properly. ...
National: Election Night (Popcorn Included) LINK
National: E-Voting machines fail Michigan tests and others can be mis-calibrated LINK
National: E-Voting's Biggest Test In Several Key States, Electronic Voting Machines Have Already Flipped Votes From One Candidate to Another LINK
National: Nov. 4, 2008: What could possibly go wrong? LINK
National: Voting machine problems reported on East Coast, in Midwest LINK
National: Problems with e-voting reported early in battleground states Issues arose in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia LINK
National: Problems with e-voting reported early in battleground states LINK
Arizona: Pima County - County challenged over vote-counting for disabled Center: Pima can't count votes by disabled last LINK
Colorado: Boulder County - ‘Paper dust’ could create Election Day hassle Election workers inspect ballots to guard against inaccurate results LINK
Florida: Palm Beach County - Ballot Crease-Vote Counting Controversy Grows LINK
Florida: Palm Beach County - Board rejects crease request LINK
Kentucky: Kenton County - Kenton halts handicapped accessible voting LINK
Kentucky: Kenton County - Kenton County Problem with Electronic Voting Machine LINK
Louisiana: Voting Rights Watch: Louisiana Democrats question massive voter purge LINK
New Jersey: Voting-machine malfunctions crop up at some polling places LINK
New Jersey: Burlington County - Willingboro voting glitch fixed LINK
Nevada: Obama/DNC Incident Report Database Reveals Startling, Wide-Spread Voting Machine Problems Across Nevada During Early Voting LINK
New York: New voting machine already has two votes LINK
Ohio: Ohio Election Day Watch Report: Further election problems in Ohio LINK
Ohio: Franklin County - Voting machine complaints trickle in LINK
Ohio: Knox County - Obama, McCain missing from some ballots LINK
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia - Some machine problems reported in Philly LINK
Virginia: Election monitors call for extension of VA voting hours LINK
Virginia: Fairfax County - VA/Fairfax County Machine Problems LINK
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-- John Gideon Co-Executive Director VotersUnite.Org
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March 22, 2008

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