Daily Voting News For November 1, 2008

Published: Mon 3 Nov 2008 10:06 AM
Daily Voting News For November 1, 2008
Evening Edition
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
3 days until Election Day.
Just a comment to those who want to dismiss ‘vote-flipping’ as voter error. All kinds of people go to the polls to vote. They are highly educated and high-school dropouts. Rich and poor. They have long fingernails and nails bitten to the quick. They have thin fingers and wide fingers. They are going to softly touch the creen or touch it hard. Vendors and election officials tend to blame vote-flipping on the voters. They touched the screen too hard; drug their finger; had long fingernails; or their fingers touched too large an area. So, is it the voters fault? NO! It is the vendors who designed, built and sold these machines that don’t work for all voters and it is the election officials who bought those machines.
A large majority of the ‘vote-flipping’ has been on older ES iVotronic DREs; those machines that were featured on last year’s Dan Rather Reports. The cheaply built, poorly tested touch screens that were used as components on those systems should have been scrapped long ago. It’s not the voters fault and this constant pointing of fingers is wrong. The vendors need to remember that when they point a finger at the voters they have three fingers pointing back at the real culprit, themselves; and it makes no difference what those fingers look like, they are the fingers of blame....
National: The Technical Term for Voting Flaws: Human Error LINK
National: Oprah's Vote Lost & How You Can Fight to Assure It Doesn't Happen to You! LINK
National: Voter, election fraud charges fly as Election Day nears LINK
National: Voting Machine Incident Roundup, 11/1 LINK
National: Voting Early: Sounds Good, But Its Not the Answer LINK
National: Voters Eager to Have A Stake in Historical Election: Early Voting Predicts Strong Turnout Tuesday LINK
Arizona: Pima County - Pima vote count could be a slow, painstaking ordeal Full results may take days given large turnout, provisional ballots, new oversight guidelines LINK
Arizona: Pima County - How vote problems will be addressed LINK
California: Los Angeles County - Early voters tough it out LINK
California: San Mateo County - Directly connected democracy LINK
Colorado: Larimer County - Long voting lines likely About 60,000 expected to cast their ballots on Election Day at vote centers LINK
Florida: Broward County - Close eye kept on Broward's polls As Election Day nears, some worry how Broward County's understaffed elections department will fare. LINK
Georgia: Lawyers across state plan to keep their eyes on voting procedures U.S. attorney, FBI will be on lookout for fraud, abuses LINK
Georgia: Georgia's Secretary of State Promotes Voter Challenges and Refuses to Extend Early Voting Hours LINK
Georgia: Fulton, Clayton may extend voting hours on Tuesday LINK
Mississippi: Lawmakers may call for earlier voting LINK
North Carolina: Can N.C. handle 4.5 million voters? Concerns: Turnout, registration, software issues LINK
New Hampshire: Sort And Stack Elections In New Hampshire LINK
New Jersey: Big voter turnout could test election system in NJ LINK
New Jersey: Central Jersey officials expect significant voter turnout on Election Day LINK
New York: State restrictions put New York behind on early voting Limited exceptions hurt turnout, experts say LINK
New York: New York's Voter Registration Database: Fact & Friction LINK
New York: Advocates concerned about language access at polls LINK
New York: NY State Board of Elections Halts E-Vote “Certification” Tests LINK
Ohio: Succession of Voting Disputes Put Ohio Official in Spotlight LINK
Ohio: Franklin County - Paper-ballot must be offered if poll is busy LINK
Oklahoma: Pottawatomie County - Shawnee Election, Software Glitch Lend New Angle To National Vote LINK
Texas: Early Voting Records Broken In Smith County, Statewide LINK
Texas: Wichita County - Final day of early voting ends strong Turnout steady at all six polling sites LINK
Virginia: NAACP to take lawsuit over voting machines to federal court LINK
Virginia: Five-Hour Wait Today for Richmond Voters LINK
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-- John Gideon Co-Executive Director VotersUnite.Org
"To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory democracy." The Creekside Declaration March 22, 2008

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