Daily Voting News For October 21, 2008

Published: Wed 22 Oct 2008 02:33 PM
Daily Voting News For October 21, 2008
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
14 days until Election Day.
New York state officials have either purged or made inactive over 1.6 million voters. That is a huge number and with that large a number there will certainly be problems.
Georgia’s Secretary of State is doing all she can to suppress the vote. She is requiring a waiting period between voters registering and voting. She has also instituted checks on citizenship and ID at registration even though the Justice Department has warned her that she can’t do that without pre-clearance. The state is also woefully behind in processing new voter registrations.
We’ve also got more reports of vote swapping in West Virginia, Tennessee, and Texas and long lines across the nation.
Straight-party voting in Texas continues to cause problems for voters. Voters need to be told to not vote straight-party. Vote for each race but vote the whole ballot....
Featured - NY: Over 1,500,000 NYS Voters Purged LINK
Featured - GA: Don’t do it, Karen! LINK
National: Attention Voters: Here's What You Have to Do to Make Sure You Get to Vote LINK
National: Election Day Will Likely Test Voting System, Voter Patience LINK
National: Experts encourage early voting, fear voting system meltdown LINK
National: States Warned to Prep for Election Glitches LINK
National: Stumper's Handy Voting Problem Primer LINK
National: Report: Voting glitches could disrupt election LINK
National: Voting concerns surfacing in key states LINK
National: Voting Rights Watch: Report reveals a new generation of online voter suppression LINK
National: Early voting starts in 31 states; e-voting snag in W.Va. fixed
Voters using e-voting machines urged to check printouts to verify their choices LINK
National: Pew warns 'perfect storm' on election day could complicate vote count LINK
National: Early voting suggests 2008 may see record turnout, expert says LINK
California: L.A. County probes possible errors in absentee ballot mailing
A Baldwin Hills man told officials he had been issued an incorrect ballot and used it to vote. LINK
California: Orange County - SoCal voters cast ballots in drive-through style LINK
Colorado: Interest in voting-by-mail skyrockets in Colorado LINK
Colorado: Denver - Early Voting Underway In Colorado
Some Voters Complain About Ballot Shortages LINK
Florida: Editorial - In swing states like Florida, voters need to know rights LINK
Florida: Florida hopes optical scan machines avoid recount repeat LINK
Florida: Broward County - Early voting opens in Broward County with lines, three-hour waits LINK
Florida: Broward County - CNN reporter waits 3 hours on voting line in Florida LINK
Florida: Duval County - Officials Discuss Early Voting Problems LINK
Florida: Duval County - Lines, Voting Problems Continue For 2nd Day
Despite Delays, 11,970 In Duval Voted Monday LINK
Florida: Leon County overcomes voting snag LINK
Florida: Miami-Dade County - Congressman Meek seethes over long early-voting lines LINK
Florida: Miami-Dade County - More machines added to handle early-voting crowds
Voters came out in big numbers across South Florida the first day of early voting -- so much so that more machines are being added to handle crowds. LINK
Georgia: Three-judge panel to hear arguments in Georgia voter ID lawsuit LINK
Iowa: Some good, some bad in Iowa's use of ballots LINK
Illinois: DuPage County - Early voting in DuPage exceeds expectations LINK
Indiana: Lake County - Judge tours early voting sites, anticipates ruling today LINK
Indiana: Tippecanoe County - More machines coming for Purdue's early voting LINK
Michigan: MI Dems, GOP Settle Suit Over Use of Foreclosure to Challenge Voters — But Fight Goes On LINK
Michigan: Voter suit settlement reached
Both Dems, GOP agree foreclosure lists won't be used in poll challenges, but plan's existence still disputed. LINK
Missouri: Greene County - Getting your vote costs taxing districts plenty LINK
New Jersey: Report finds New Jersey voting machines flawed LINK
New Jersey: Reports warn of tampering risks in New Jersey's electronic voting LINK
New Jersey: Union County Clerk says voting machines are unreliable; encourages voting by mail LINK
Nevada: Republican Party challenging some voters LINK
New York: Voter rolls drop 1.6 million names LINK
Ohio: Voter-registration lawsuit against Brunner is dropped LINK
Ohio: Death Threats, Hack Attempts Beseige OH Sec. of State's Office
Website Set to 'Static Mode' After 'Security Breaches', Threatening Packages, Messages Received Following Brunner's Legal Tussles With State Republicans LINK
Ohio: Ohio Secretary of State Site Hacked LINK
Ohio: Breach cripples Ohio Secretary of State's site
It's the latest incident targeting Jennifer Brunner, who has criticized e-voting LINK
Ohio: Ohio searches for state-site attacker LINK
Ohio: Republicans press voter registration challenges; Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland calls for stop LINK
Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co. First In Nation To Test Voting Machine Software LINK
Pennsylvania: VoteAllegheny accepts audit of Allegheny County voting machines LINK
Pennsylvania: VotePA Statement On Allegheny County Software Verification Testing LINK
Pennsylvania: Centre County - Optical scan voting machines to expedite voting
New optical scan machines purchased by Centre County should help the upcoming presidential voting process run more smoothly. LINK
South Carolina: South Carolina among 10 least ready for voting glitches LINK
Tennessee: Davidson County - Vote Flipping in Davidson County, Tennessee LINK
Tennessee: Davidson County - Election Integrity Filmmaker Sees Own Vote Flipped on ESS Touch-Screens in TN LINK
Texas: Dallas County - Early Voting Can Be Fun! And Crowded! And Confusing! Also, Troubling! LINK
Texas: First day of voting sees thousands flock to Travis County polling sites LINK
Texas: Travis County - Dispelling electronic voting myths LINK
Texas: Webb County - Voting machines absent on first day of early voting LINK
Texas: Webb County - Officials subpoenaed for hearing LINK
Texas: Williamson County - Problems at polls LINK
Utah: Early voting begins today in Utah LINK
Utah: Washington County - Card glitch snarls early voting LINK
West Virginia: West Virginia sets state voter registration record LINK
West Virginia: Voters in W.Va. Say Electronic Voting Machines Switched their Obama Votes to McCain LINK
West Virginia: Voting Machines Switch Votes; Officials Blame Voters LINK
West Virginia: Ohio County - Voting Is a Touchy Business
Some machines showing wrong choices in W.Va. LINK
West Virginia: Putnam County - Early-voting problems in Putnam
Touch-screen votes switched, then corrected LINK
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John Gideon
Co-Executive Director
"To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory
democracy." The Creekside Declaration March 22, 2008

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