Daily Voting News For October 12, 2008

Published: Mon 13 Oct 2008 02:36 PM
Daily Voting News For October 12, 2008
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Election officials across the country are beginning to make the same statements they make before every election. In order to try to give the voters some confidence they are talking about how they are ready. The voting machines are programmed and tested and all set and this year they will have another successful election. Of course on Nov. 4, just 23 days from today, we will hear the same reports of voter disenfranchisement, long lines at the polls causing voters to give up and not vote, vote flipping on touch-screen machines, and all of the other negative reports and many will come from the very same jurisdictions that are now talking about being ready.
In a year when turn-out is predicted to be much higher than every before county election officials should be looking to add polling sites yet in Fairfield Co Ohio the county has decided to delete 25 polling sites. This will cause voters to have to travel a further distance to vote and will increase the length of the lines. The county claims they are being forced into this decision by recent rulings from the Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner. If that is correct then Brunner needs to reconsider her rulings. If the county is just trying to make it more difficult for voters to vote then Brunner needs to re-direct the county. Either way Brunner needs to take action....
National: College voters facing obstacles Some mistakenly told they may lose financial aid if they registered using address at school LINK
National: Voter Hot Line Upgraded for Election LINK
National: Princeton prof: Your votes could disappear without leaving paper trail LINK
National: Editorial - Two sides of vote fraud LINK
National: GOP Attacks on American Voters Turn Desperate, Ugly and Dangerous LINK
Florida: Many convicted felons remain on voter rolls, according to Sun Sentinel investigation Thousands who should be ineligible are registered to vote LINK
Florida: Not every paper ballot counted LINK
Florida: Editorial - The really big show LINK
Illinois: Kane County - Vote early to avoid election day wait LINK
Illinois: Peoria - 'I really hated what happened to Sam Polk' Early period hopes to ease problems problems [sic]voters run into LINK
Illinois: Tazewell County - Officials show confidence in equipment LINK
Indiana: Making every vote count, as many times as necessary LINK
Indiana: Lake, Porter officials hope to avoid pitfalls from spring primary LINK
Maryland: Harford County - High interest suggests Nov. voting might reach 90% Record numbers are registering in county as deadline nears LINK
Michigan: Do allegations of massive voter purge hold water? LINK
Minnesota: Ritchie: Primary recount shows voting system works LINK
Mississippi: Lowndes, state election officials focus on ways to improve voting process LINK
Montana: State, local elections officials work to avoid '06 repeat New security plans, new equipment, more people should help make it smooth LINK
New Jersey: So many new NJ voters, so little time to log them LINK
New Jersey: Mercer County - Mercer registering voters at record pace: 210K-plus LINK
New Mexico: Opinion - Even Jimmy Carter supports Voter ID LINK
New Mexico: Cibola County - AG: No crime in missing-ballots case LINK
New York: Cayuga County - Voters scramble to get registered LINK
New York: Rensselaer County - 'Osama' error sparks probe County lawmakers to investigate how Barack Obama's name was misprinted on ballots LINK
Ohio: Butler County - What do you need to know before you vote? Find your polling place and decide which kind of ballot you want LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Cuyahoga election officials downplay odds of vote fraud 50 of 65,000 registration cards have irregularities. Members of both parties say safeguards are in place LINK
Ohio: Fairfield County - Board of Elections eliminates polling sites Decision to reduce number of locations comes as officials try to comply with state directives LINK
Oklahoma: No doubt cast on voting machines ElectionOfficials say scanners should hold up fine in large turnout LINK
Pennsylvania: Point/Counterpiont: Political apparel at polling places LINK
Pennsylvania: Montgomery County - Montco official says county prepared for voter turnout LINK
Rhode Island: Man vs. machine at R.I. ballot box Courts revisit hand-count ban LINK
Tennessee: Sullivan County - Voting process features mix of new and old technologies LINK
Washington: Pierce County - You chose it – now you’ll use ranked voting in Pierce County Ranked choice what? Get ready for a new voting system for Pierce County offices, starting with this election. LINK
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-- John Gideon Co-Executive Director VotersUnite.Org
"To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory democracy." The Creekside Declaration March 22, 2008

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