Daily Voting News For December 17, 2007

Published: Wed 19 Dec 2007 01:20 PM
Daily Voting News For December 17, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
A very busy day today. There are still articles about the EVEREST report completed in the state of Ohio. Based on that report, recommendations were made to Cuyahoga County to change their voting system and vendor from DREs by Premier to central-count optical scan by ES It appears that the county is going to do the correct thing and not make any rash decisions. They should probably make some changes but not a wholesale change of vendors and certainly not when that vendor is ES A final decision will be made later this week.
This afternoon the state of Colorado announced that they were decertifying all voting machines and peripherals from ES as well as the Sequoia Edge II and Edge II Plus and optical scan systems provided by Hart Intercivic. Voting systems from Premier, optical scan and peripherals from Sequoia and DREs and peripherals from Hart were conditionally certified.
Also two amicus briefs were filed today in the NY v. DOJ case....
NAtional: Stateside: Prelude to the 2008 Elections, Part 1 LINK
Colorado: E-voting machines tossed for '08 LINK
Colorado: More than half of state's voting machines unsafe or inaccurate LINK
Colorado: Voting Machines For Major Counties Decertified Machines Have Problems With Security, Accuracy, Secretary Of State Says LINK
Colorado: Voting machines banned over accuracy concerns LINK
Colorado: BREAKING: Colorado's Republican Sec. of State Decertifies E-Voting Machines After Failed Testing LINK
Florida: Sumter County - Sumter elections office updating voting procedures LINK
Iowa: Latest report on Iowa Caucus protections LINK
Indiana: Columnist - Mark Bennett: Voting-booth vacancy? Who cares? LINK
New Mexico: Dona Ana County - ID restrictions may deter some voters, delay others, officials fear LINK
New York: Hand-Counting Paper Ballots Proposed In NY District Court LINK
New York: I am Voter Hear Me Roar: Meet the New York Amici LINK
New York: Amicus Filed in Federal - NY State Lawsuit Over Voting Machines LINK
New York: Cuomo Fighting Voting Machine Law LINK
New York: NYVV files Amicus Brief in DOJ vs. NYS Lawsuit LINK
Ohio: Brunner's recommendations long on money, short on transparency LINK
Ohio: Wanna Change Votes in Ohio? Use a PDA and a Magnet LINK
Ohio: Opinion - Vulnerable machines LINK
Ohio: 2008: The year of hack the vote? LINK
Ohio: Editorial - Don't rush to judgment Voting-systems report should be subjected to careful review LINK
Ohio: Ohio Finds All E-Voting Machines In The State Had Serious Flaws from the no-surprise-there dept LINK
Ohio: 'Critical' flaws in voting systems worry Ohio LINK
Ohio: Surprise: Ohio's e-voting machines riddled with critical security flaws LINK
Ohio: OH Sec. of State: ditch e-voting machines. LINK
Ohio: Ohio e-voting system security bashed in new state report Problems threaten the integrity of future elections, officials say LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Board struggles with voting technology LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Brunner's plan gets cool reception in Cuyahoga County LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Ohio County Mulls Over Voting Systems Cuyahoga Board Struggles With Voting Technology Decision LINK
Tennessee: Panel recommends changes for electronic voting in Tennessee LINK
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John Gideon Co-Director and Information Manager VotersUnite.Org

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