Daily Voting News For December 3, 2007

Published: Wed 5 Dec 2007 08:41 AM
Daily Voting News For December 3, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Last month 108 voters went into the voting booth to vote on a school bond referendum and walked away without voting at all; or that’s what the county is questioning. The votes were cast on ES iVotronic DREs. The total undervotes was less than 2% of the 6,252 total ballots cast but about 8% in some precincts.
The Pima Co Arizona lawsuit goes to court tomorrow. That suit, if the results go our way, should provide a lot of information about elections and the voting machines being used across the country.
There is also a great review of “Margin of Error, Ballots of Straw”. We have a couple copies left which we would be happy to send out as a premium in exchange for a $50 donation. [Note: VotersUnite! is in affiliation with International Humanities Center, a nonprofit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501[c](3) of the Internal Revenue Code.] ...
NAtional: Tic Toc Tic Toc "Margin of Error, Ballots of Straw" Tic Toc Tic Toc LINK
National: Another Report to the EAC Buried? LINK
National: Republicans in Texas County Reject Paperless Primary But Voters in South Carolina and 12 Other States Will Vote on Paperless Voting Machines LINK
Arizona: Arizona Lawsuit a Crystal Ball Into 2008 Presidential Vote Count LINK
California: Opinion - Mulling the all-mail vote LINK
California: Opinion - The year of the vote Californians will be busy, and should be fully engaged in, three 2008 elections LINK
California: Opinion - Safeguarding the election system LINK
California: Secretary of state casts doubt on future of electronic voting LINK
California: Opinion - My sixth sense: I see dead people, voting LINK
Connecticut: Norwich, New London In State's Election Audit LINK
Florida: Editorial - Write new recount law for new voting method LINK
Illinois: Citizenship in sight, but then she voted Immigrant says registering, then casting ballot were innocent errors, not reason for deportation LINK
Indiana: Elections officials side against Voter ID law LINK
New Jersey: N.J. Needs 6 More Months To Retrofit Electronic Voting Machines The Senate State Government Committee Will Debate The Request Monday LINK
New Jersey: Landmark NJ Election Audit Bill Out of Committee -- AS WRITTEN! LINK
New York: Editorial - Voting tech still lags Despite deadlines, New York voters won’t see much change by primaries LINK
New Jersey: State needs more time to retrofit electronic voting machines LINK
New York: The DOJ and New York State – Part 2 DOJ Calls for Chaos at NYS Polls in 2008 LINK
Ohio: Opinion - Elect voting technology that works LINK
Ohio: More Hamilton County ballots counted LINK
South Carolina: Florence County - Blank ballots in referendum remain a mystery LINK
Virginia: Stafford County - High Tech Voting Machines Out, Paper Ballots In LINK
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