Daily Voting News For November 29, 2007

Published: Mon 3 Dec 2007 10:08 AM
Daily Voting News For November 29, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Knox Co Ohio reports that they have successfully certified the votes from Nov. 6. However, in doing that certification they found that votes from three precincts (418 votes) were counted twice. The problem, as reported by the media, was that an ES contract employee forgot to clear one report before running another. ES contract employee? Why was the county not counting those ballots and doing the reports? It’s bad enough that we have given over our elections to vendor’s proprietary software but to actually invite the vendors in to do our work; i.e. counting the votes and doing the reporting; is inexcusable. And what does the county want to do about this problem? They are turning to the County Prosecutor for a decision on what action they should take with regards to ES in the future. My advice, for what it’s worth, do the job you were hired for and count the people’s votes. If you can’t do that job then quit and put someone into the position who can do the job....
NAtional: Fixing "Broken Windows" - the Wrong Ones - in Voter ID LINK
National: Efforts increase to enfranchise U.S. citizens abroad LINK
National: Voting system dropped from EAC certification program LINK
National: Pew's Examines First Five Years of the Help America Vote Act LINK
Arizona: Pima County - Voting Counts Democrats' accusations of security breaches by the Pima County Elections Division go to trial next week LINK
Arizona: Pima County - Voting GEMS A lawsuit regarding election procedures has raised tensions at Pima County headquarters LINK
Connecticut: Mayoral challenge faces uphill battle LINK
Florida: CD-13 - Jennings withdraws her lawsuit in D-13 election controversy LINK
Florida: Bradenton - Evers won 3 of 5 wards in losing election Mayor Wayne Poston received 24 more votes overall as city begins mandatory recount today LINK
Florida: Bradenton - Election and runoff cost taxpayers $5 per vote LINK
Iowa: Just How Do Those Wacky Iowa Caucuses Work? LINK
Indiana: Delaware County - Recount ordered in close Muncie mayor's race LINK
Indiana: Delaware County - Judge denies venue change for recount Judge Robert Barnet Jr. on Wednesday denied a request by Republicans to transfer the recount to a court outside Delaware County. LINK
Michigan: Troops may miss vote Earlier primary makes getting ballots overseas and back a challenge LINK
New York: Opinion - HAVA lawsuit: Sad ending to important process LINK
New York: Clinton County Plans For New Voting Machines LINK
New York: Professors Call for Optical Scan Systems to Replace Lever Voting Machines Beware of Computerized Touch Screen Voting Machines say Computer and Social Science Faculty LINK
Ohio: Columbiana County - Surace captures wellsville mayor’s race by four votes following recount (The county paid $1350 for an ES ‘technician’ to feed ballots into the op-scan machine) LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County – Editorial: Under whichever voting system, Election Night mustn't be election nightmare LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Ohio e-voting review makes a mockery of "recounts" LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County voting saga continues LINK
Ohio: Franklin County - Former election official charged with ethics crimes LINK
Ohio: Knox County - Election board verifies results LINK
Pennsylvania: The End of Line for AVS in Pennsylvania? LINK
Pennsylvania: Move may mean end for voting machines LINK
Pennsylvania: Northampton County - County zaps electronic balloting Commission decertifies machines for '08 election. Northampton County has five months to replace them. LINK
Pennsylvania: Northampton County - Voting company's woes are county's challenge Electronic machines fail to get federal OK; primary is in limbo. LINK
Utah: Salt Lake - Salt Lake Officials Urging Voters to NOT Come to Polls in Wake of Disastrous Move to Touch-Screen Voting Fear 'Train Wreck' in Upcoming Presidential Primary Election as Cost of Move to Electronic Voting Translates to 40% Fewer Voting Booths... LINK
Wisconsin: State voter registration software a ‘disaster’ LINK
Wisconsin: Audit: Voter system still can't track ineligibles LINK
Wisconsin: Audit finds voting issues State driver, death, felony records won't be accessible by February's primary LINK
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