Daily Voting News For November 24, 2007

Published: Mon 26 Nov 2007 10:28 AM
Daily Voting News For November 24, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
We still have a few copies of a great new novel by Mark Coggins, mystery writer and Shamus and Barry award-nominated author of the August Riordan series. “What could be better than a fun fiction about the real dangers of electronic voting? Coggins shows us that elections can be hacked and the cover-up can be murder.” The book is gripping and laugh-out-loud funny in places and it is another example of the fact that election integrity is no longer conspiracy theory from “tin-foil hats”. Read more about the book at VotersUnite.Org and help us out with a $50 or more donation and get a copy of the book as a premium. You help VotersUnite continue our valuable work and you get a great book. [Note: VotersUnite! is in affiliation with International Humanities Center, a nonprofit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501[c](3) of the Internal Revenue Code.] ...
NAtional: Book Review: San Francisco's ES Voting Machine Fraud Lawsuit Calls Attention to 'RUNOFF', a New Noir Detective Thriller With an Eerily Similar Theme LINK
National: Cartoon – The Adventures of Citizen Michael C. Robertson LINK
National: Secretary Carnahan, Four Other Secretaries Weigh in On Indiana Photo ID Case Evidence shows that fair elections can be ensured without disenfranchising elderly, disabled and poor voters LINK
Arizona: The Pima County Election Integrity Blues LINK
California: Marin County - County wants to use contested machines LINK
California: San Diego - Push to get voters to use mail ballots working LINK
California: San Francisco sues e-voting vendor over 'uncertified' ballot devices ES decries lawsuit, calling it a 'false claim' LINK
Indiana: Editorial - An easier way to vote LINK
Missouri: Primary turnout has county clerks guessing LINK
Mississippi: Judge declines to delay party registration and ID mandate LINK
New Jersey: Counties calculate cost of primary LINK
New York: ‘Wolves’ in the voting booth - Councilman leads protest against march to new machines LINK
Ohio: Editorial - Vote fraud wild goose chase doesn't need Ohio attorney general's participation LINK
Ohio: Group wants to scrap electronic vote machines LINK
Tennessee: Director David Earnhardt brings UnCounted to Clarksville with panel on e-voting LINK
Vermont: Opinion - My Turn: We still can't get balloting right? LINK
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John Gideon Co-Director and Information Manager VotersUnite.Org

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