APPO Counselor Death Threat from State Governor

Published: Fri 11 May 2007 10:54 AM
Oliver D.: Incarcerated APPO Counselor Reports Death Threat from State Governor
May 10, 2007
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In the Southern Mexican State of Oaxaca, those who resist the corrupt rule of the state government, led by Governor Ulises Ruiz, are constantly at risk of being persecuted, attacked and impisoned. Such is the case for APPO activist David Venegas Reyes, who was kidnapped April 13 in Oaxaca City. Oliver D., special to Narco News, writes about the circumstances of Venegas' arrest and the methods being used to keep him in state custody.
Oviver D. reports:
"Venegas represented some of the most marginalized young people of the city and put much faith in them, he helped them to gain self-esteem and to raise awareness. I first noticed him in the first state assembly on February 10 and 11, where he showed respect of the diverse forms of contestations: the right to cover oneself for security reason, the right to express oneself through paintings on the walls, by bringing works of art to demonstrations, etc. He was also one of the loudest defenders of the APPO's founding principles, in defense of which he fell under many attacks from what would emerge as the reformist, co-optive mostly Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist organizations within the movement.
"On May 2 the family received an alerting news from Venegas: a man had been sent from the office of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz and the minister of Public Security, Sergio Segreste Rios, to obligate him and his family to negotiate his liberty, otherwise he would be transferred and killed in another penitentiary."
The rest of this article,
An Incarcerated APPO Counselor Reports Receiving a Death Threat from the State Governor
and a new report on the situation in Haiti,
MINUSTAH Intimidates Journalist on World Press Freedom Day
can be found online at Narco News:
From somewhere in a country called America,
David B. Briones
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