Zapatistas March in Support of Texcoco and Atenco

Published: Thu 10 May 2007 11:25 AM
Trujillo: Zapatistas March in Support of Texcoco and Atenco
May 9, 2007
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The Zapatistas were once again in Mexico City to support the struggles of the Texcoco and Atenco people, this time as part of the second phase of the Other Campaign. Narco News Correspondent Juan Trujillo was in the Mexican capital to report the event. The march marked a year since police brutally attacked the town of Atenco. On May 3 the Zapatistas, along with many other social organizations, continued to demand the end of repression and the freedom of political prisoners arrested a year ago in Atenco.
Trujillo reports:
"'We are living a process of change, and everyone has to understand that we should not wait for the conditions to fight... do not forget that Atenco lives and the fight continues, that Oaxaca fights and fights, because Oaxaca lives and lives,' said Amos, an indian Zapatista support base (addressing communities in resistance and Councils of Good Government), to the multitude that made up the political rally in front of the Ministry of the Interior this afternoon, a year after the brutal police repression in San Salvador Atenco and Texcoco.
"...As presenter of the EZLN Sixth Commission, Subcomandante Marcos limited himself to introducing Comandantes Hortensia and Amos, but not before reminding everyone that on May 3 in Texcoco the FPDT took to heart the principle of solidarity in The Other Campaign: (if they mess with one of us, they mess with all of us," which vindicated the actions and decisions that were made."
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