White House Firing for Trying to Protect President

Published: Wed 9 May 2007 09:45 AM
Conroy: White House Employee Fired for Trying to Protect President's Life
May 7, 2007
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Laura C. Jones was lead mail assistance in the West Wing of the White House with a top security clearance that allowed her access to the President of the United States and his staff.
But on March 24, 2004, she tells Narco News, that Shane Chambers, special assistant to then White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, brought a package to the West Wing mailroom.
Bill Conroy reports:
"...the package had not gone through the rigorous off-site security clearance required for all mail delivered to the White House.
"'I told him (Chambers) that the package had to be sent to another location to be X-rayed, opened and checked for powder before it comes to us,' Jones says. '... I told him that I could give the package to a driver who could take it to the location where it would be checked.'
"But that's not what happened. Instead, Jones says, her supervisor in the mailroom that day overruled her and allowed the package through, 'and [despite a recent ricin powder threat at the US Capitol building] they opened it up right there in the mailroom of the West Wing...'"
"Inside the package, Jones says, were a series of smaller packages, each with a label bearing a name. The names on those labels included President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Chief of Staff Andy Card, according to Jones.
"'I do not know what was inside the little packages,' Jones says. But she adds that the packages were sent forward to the president and his staff, despite the reckless disregard for their security in this case."
After then reporting the security breach to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card through his deputy Hariet Miers (later, chief counsel to the president), Jones was demoted and harassed by the Bush White House, after 16 years of recognized outstanding performance as a federal employee.
What was in those "little packages" that caused such an overreaction by White House officials?
Bill Conroy, as he has done again and again reporting for this newspaper, has begun to pull the thread, and today Narco News publishes government documents about the administrative case that followed this strange episode next-door to the Oval Office.
Read the full report on Narco News:
From somewhere in a country called America,
David B. Briones
The Narco News Bulletin

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