Tanveer Jafri: American Attempt to Divide Iraq

Published: Tue 1 May 2007 10:37 PM
American Attempt to Divide Iraq
By Tanveer Jafri
The condition of Iraq is going from bad to worst. The Bush administration has very well understood the fact that if America had to face insult after the Vietnam-America war that was the American mission in Iraq. American goodwill got a good shock in the world. If Iraq issue is taken into consideration not only the American public has turned against but the American allies in Iraq mission are also withdrawing there forces one by one from Iraq. On the other hand, the house of representative in America has also passed a bill in which it has applied conditions for further grant of money for Iraq war. Democrat parliamentarians have stated regarding it that unless there is a fixed time limit for the return of American soldier from Iraq, more mony can not be made available for it.
The above condition clearly reveals that at least the democrats and the Republican are face to face, on the Iraq issue. So now the Bush administration is bent upon doing something amazing that too at the earliest and in the presence of the American forces in Iraq, so that Iraq may not recover from such blow. The American forces have started this type of work. America that was thinking of the civil war in Iraq is now attempting to construct a caste based wall for dividing Iraq.
Undoubtedly after the hanging of Saddam Husain, the conditions in Iraq have worsened. And in spite of it, the citizens in Iraq don't want to see there country bifurcated. But the Bush administration instead of keeping in view the views of Iraqi citizens is proceeding with its plans of undeclared American policy. And usually the American policy is to weaken the enemy, to divide the enemy or at least the seeds of class and caste reparation be sowed so that in future they should remain at daggers drawn for ever.
American soldiers are trying to build by working day and night a fifteen feet high wall around a town Adamia which is quite near to the capital Baghdad. Such type of prison like wall is being built separately around the places where there is a majority of the Shiites or the Sunnies. The wall being constructed around Adamia is about five Kilometres long. Surprisingly, all the people in Iraq may be the Shia, the Sunnies or the Kurd communities are opposing this attempt of cast based division by America. But the American soldiers are telling the people of the Shia community that this wall is being built for their safety. Similarly, it is also being propagated in the Sunny population that these walls are being built to save them from the Shiite extremists.
But the reality is some what else. The five km wall started around Adamia by America may cut of Adamia from Baghdad. But the residents here say that this wall can be helpful in fuelling the violence but it cannot extinguish it. The Iraqi public is of the view that the wall is not an attempt to solve the problem of violence as stated by America but it would aggravate it. All the Iraqis are telling it as a prison wall that will divide the society. It is nothing else but a punishment.
In Iraq, it is not for the first time that the American attempt to divide the Shia and the Sunny society by the walls has been done. Even before it the American forces have built such walls in many territories. In spite of it the violent incidents could not be decreased. Now the question is if these walls built on caste basis in Iraq, a peace establishing act or it is an attempt to divide them or it is an important part of a far seen American policy. The Shia and the Sunny sects leaders in Iraq that are in power there say that these walls will not lessen the hatred present between the two sects, that will increase it. These Iraqi leaders say that these walls based on the Shia and the Sunny class should not be erected. Then why the American policy makers are building these class based walls and that too even without taking into confidence the Iraqi public?
Whereas the question of deteriorating condition in Iraq is concern all the sects in Iraq may be the Shia, the Sunny or the Kurd, they hold America responsible for it. Although America has tried its best to tell the Iraqi public that after the rule of a dictator Saddam Husain, it wants to establish democracy in Iraq. It wants to see the democratic rule in Iraq. The tacts adopted by America for meddling in Iraq such as store of weapons for human destruction by Saddam Husain & hanging him because of Dujail massacre has been very minutely observed by the Iraqi public. This is why the presence of the American forces isn't seen as pleasant thing to Iraqi public. A very popular & underground leader of the Shia community Muqtada-Al-Sadr has become very soft these days. He has made all his ministers to submit resignations. He is also trying for the return of the American forces. In the last days, a statement issued by Muqtada-Al-Sadr was read out in Iraqi parliament in which he has criticised President Bush for not fixing the date of return of the American forces from Iraq. Sadr thinks that the condition has deteriorated because of the 4 year presence of the American forces & it would not further deteriorate if they leave Iraq.
Anyhow, the Iraqi public, that is facing a hell like situation has to face very hard time at present. On the other hand, America, well known for its policy, wants to divide the Iraqi society on caste basis. The 'Wall Policy' of America is an important part of its ill-attempts. Undoubtedly it is a time of test for the Iraqi public. It is to be seen, how they will be successful in the test, saving them from the American policy & keep themselves united.
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Writer Tanveer Jafri is a columnist in India related with hundreds of most popular daily news papers/portals in india and abroad.Almost, he writes in the field of communal harmony, world peace, anti communalism, anti terrorism, national integration, national & international politics etc.He is a devoted social activist for world peace, unity, integrity & brotherhood. He is also a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy (state govt. bodies in India). Thousands articles of the author have been published in different newspapers, websites & newsportals throughout the world. He is also a receipent of so many awards in the field of Communal Harmony & other social activities. (Email : )

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