Greg Palast: The New Armed Madhouse Out Today

Published: Wed 25 Apr 2007 08:03 PM
The New Armed Madhouse Out Today
Tuesday April 24th- New York
By Greg Palast
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If you have ANY plan to grab a copy of my book, Armed Madhouse, I’m asking you, please: do it THIS WEEK.
The new edition, in paperback, totally updated with two new chapters, is out today.
Why get it this week? Because Karl Rove hopes you don’t.
I can’t make this up: In a February 7 email subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee, the Rove gang boasts that in the USA, “no national press has picked up” the investigations in Armed Madhouse. There’s even an excerpt from Armed Madhouse attached to Rove’s rant.
If you get the book that drives the madmen crazy (or crazier) this week, we can put it back up on the national bestseller lists where “national press,” and then they can’t ignore us.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls Armed Madhouse, “A masterpiece; reads like a spy thriller… yet seriously funny.” But don’t take Bobby’s word for it: Read it yourself - and check out copies of those emails that are supposedly “missing” - reproduced in all their horrific and bonkers glory in the book.
Why did Rove and his hand-glove President fire eight honest prosecutors? It’s in the book - and Karl knows it.
The new chapters include ‘Busted’ - how I got charged by Homeland Security for violating anti-terror laws while digging the dirt on the White House gang in New Orleans. I’ll show you the info that’s an alleged threat to national security. Then there’s the new Chapter, “The Theft of 2008″ - plus the bonus addendum on How to Steal Back Your Vote.
Plus the updates on your fave stories about Iraq’s oil, The War on Terror (in “Whose Afraid of Osama Wolf?”) and more.
Randi Rhodes says, “Greg Palast is America’s top investigative reporter… and the funniest.” What’s so funny? Well, let me guide you through the asylum.
The paperback is so new, I had to give it a new title: ARMED MADHOUSE — Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone WILD.
Please drop into your local book-wallah today, or get it on-line, or through our site (
And stop by and see me, Randi Rhodes, Bobby Kennedy Jr., Bree Walker, Greg Proops, Medea Benjamin, Amy Goodman and other subversives joining me on the Armed Madhouse road show tour through 12 cities. (
The Chicago Tribune says, the stories in Armed Madhouse, “Bite — so relevant they threaten to alter history.”
Well, we can’t alter history unless you grab it now - and photocopy the added section, “How to steal back your vote.”
For more info on the tour, on the book or to hear Larry David, Ed Asner and other troublemakers read from Armed Madhouse, go to, Brand New-Hear an excerpt from the new edition of Armed Madhouse, "18 Missing Inches" - how the White House drowned New Orleans ( )

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