Middle East News: Not The Israel We Dreamed Of

Published: Wed 25 Apr 2007 03:51 PM
'Not The Israel We Dreamed Of'
Middle East News Service
[Middle East News Service advises: The English version of this article appears to have been poorly translated. This is evident not only from the inconsistency of spelling but there was at least one paragraph that does not make sense. I have therefore compared it with the original and made substantial changes. A lot of the Hebrew original had also been left out. Some gaps had specific names and incidents which will be unfamiliar to non-Israeli readers. Others, however, appear to tone down some of the trio’s criticism. In both retranslating and inserting text I have tried to be as faithful as possible to the Hebrew original, however towards the end pressure of time meant that of the more philosophical reflections left out by Ynetnews remain untranslated. These gaps, and my own explanations, are all enclosed in square brackets. As this item will be distributed to a wider circle than usual I have refrained from commenting on the substance of the trio’s views and this item is presented for your information on the occasion of Israel’s Independence Day today.
Ynet (Hebrew) and Ynetnews (English) are the websites associated with Yediot Acharonot Israel’s largest circulating newspaper – Sol Salbe.]
'Not the Israel we dreamed of'
Uri Avnery, Aharon Amir, and Haim Gouri talk about what's left of 1948 dream. The greatest danger, they say, is within.
Meital Tzur
They are the members of Israel's first generation, the ones who grew up in, fought for and shaped Israel, the first to live here as free men in this state. The dangers to our independence, they told Ynet, do not lurk abroad. They are within.
Three of Israel's founding generation's finest sons. Soldiers in the Palmach, the Haganah and Lehi [Lochamei Herut Yisrael – Freedom Fighters for Israel also known as the Stern gang], they are now prominent figures in Israeli society: Uri Avnery, 83, journalist, author, former Knesset member, radical left wing activist and legendary editor of Ha'olam Hazeh newsmagazine; Aharon Amir, 84, poet, author, laureate of the Israel Prize for translation and editor of "Ha'keshet Ha'hadasha" magazine; and Haim Gouri, 83, poet, author, journalist, and filmmaker.
And they all have one bitter thing to say in common: "This is not the Israel we dreamed of".
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