Arafat's Shadow Flickers in Sharon's Netherworld

Published: Wed 25 Apr 2007 01:15 AM
Arafat's Shadow Flickers in Sharon's Netherworld
By Genevieve Cora Fraser
In the shadow world of ghostly visions Arafat
Flickers in the netherworld of Sharon's damaged
Brain that once breathed power and exhaled dominance
Now sequestered, impounded in a comatose
Veil the concentrated power powerless
To move
Master manipulator
He played the powers of the world
Like marionettes
The blood red curtain is now drawn
The box set collapsed upon itself
Like his brain cells
Chocked with hemorrhage
Swollen undulations
Gray matter turned morbid
Decayed inert reflections
Has his spirit fled
The body rotated
To avoid bedsores
Has he sped toward the light
But been thrust back
Into the darkness
Of his deeds
Massacres of Palestinians
Shabra and Chatila
Palestine was a sadist's playground
Cruelty refined fine-tuned
Peace with Palestine
Maneuvered into a ruble state
Bequeathed horror
On the roadmap
Rivers run red
Fighter jet flights in the night
Guided missiles by day
Tanks blasted
As they ground down streets
Helicopters hovered rained bullets
Snipers encamped
School grounds militarized
Settlers as proteges
Grab and snatch
Homes, water, fields, crops
Starvation in a walled up
Check-pointed existence
Attack attack attack
Distract distract distract
The downtrodden
Beneath the heel of his boot
…………………..Sharon relaxed
Coveted all he surveyed
Accumulated wealth
Lands the power of the unstoppable
Revered by his own
As a genius at the game
The onslaught of a stroke
Mismanaged echoes Arafat's
Demise Sharon's legacy
A foundation built in rubble
The Bulldozer
As he was called
Crushed pushed his great weight around
Terrorist he called those he sought to destroy
Projected his bloody sword
His depravity as their calling card
The media agreed
Too willing to victimize the victims
Sharon had passed his shelf life
His usefulness to the Power Elite
Broken by the scandals
His realpolitik return of Gaza
To seal it up
To slowly die
Indictments were soon to follow
His power fed by the blood
Of his victims drowned
In the blood in his head

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