Public Address 23/4/7 - Great Big WMD Conspiracy

Published: Mon 23 Apr 2007 08:46 PM
PUBLIC ADDRESS 23/04/07 - The Great Big WMD Conspiracy
They faked those moon landings too, you know | Apr 23, 2007 10:06
Russell Brown's Hard News
Over the weekend, Glenn Greenwald turned out a sterling post on the "story" that may well represent the neocon media's final jumping of the shark: a claim that not only did Iraq have WMDs, but that the presence of sophisticated "nuclear, chemical and biological materials" in vast underground...,
Part 21: You're wondering now | Apr 23, 2007 08:46
AYE CALYPSO: An exclusive Cricket World Cup blog
Thank God that's over then. The fans had expected a feast, but the The Super Eights provided an over-cooked fifteen-dollar Sunday roast in a dank empty corner of a sprawling buffet hall with ample parking under the motorway bypass. Later, amidst the gravity of cricket post-mortems and historical anecdote, few...,
Age shall not weary me | Apr 22, 2007 15:50
Graham Reid's many things
I believe I accept my aging with alacrity. After all, whatcha gonna do about it? And as far as I can tell it seems better than that which awaits me when it's over. In that regard I have even written my own obituary: "Having achieved the inevitable, he went Elsewhere"...,
Public Address Science (transcript): What on earth is a Grätzel solar cell, and why is it so important? | Apr 21, 2007 21:47
David Haywood from Christchurch
You know that you've become a journalist when you find yourself describing the working principle of solar cells as: "the energy in the photons of sunlight knocks loose electrons from the doped silicon material, which produces an electric current". May God forgive me. In a five minute radio programme it's...,

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