Public Address 10/4/7 - Dispatch From A Secret War

Published: Tue 10 Apr 2007 11:45 AM
PUBLIC ADDRESS 10/04/07 - A Dispatch From The Secret War
Breaking Point in Sri Lanka | Apr 10, 2007 10:16
Keith Ng: Solutions not slogans
"The Future. Today." boasts a rusty billboard in Batticaloa. The coastal town in Sri Lanka's troubled eastern province is at the centre of a renewed military campaign to drive out the separatist forces of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). From bases around the district and from the town itself,...,
Dancing is good for the soul ... | Apr 10, 2007 09:55
Russell Brown's Hard News
Keith's dispatch from Sri Lanka is the main event today, so I'll keep it brief. The Public Address Radio podcast items are up in numbers now, and they include a look at Christchurch's (probably) legal substance culture and Craig Ranapia's debut as a radio commentator. If...,
The Screwtape-FRST Letters | Apr 10, 2007 08:23
David Haywood from Christchurch
Dear Mr Screwtape, Thank you for your expression of interest in the position of Funding Co-ordinator at the Foundation for Research Science & Technology (FRST). The primary responsibility for this role is the ongoing implementation of our strategy to minimize financial wastage on traditional 'research based' science. This...,
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