Relationship Between White House And Maoists

Published: Mon 2 Apr 2007 02:12 PM
Relationship Between White House And Maoists
By Mohan Nepali
"We respect each other's sovereignty. We will never interfere in each other's internal affairs. Both of us will work towards eliminating ideological prejudices. Individual freedom will never be ignored. Both of us will adhere to the principles set in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."
When will we have an opportunity to read such a piece of declaration issued by the two opposing sides? The above is just a piece of imagination regarding the relationship between the White House and Nepal's Maoists. At present they have hostility towards each other. The White House does not even want to hear 'c' for communists and Maoists don't want to pronounce 'a' for America. This is the ideologically isolated world we have been living in.
On March 29, 2007 the US Ambassador to Nepal James F. Moriarty repated that it would be dangerous to take Maoists to power while they possess arms. He has said this over quite a number of times.
Some vital implications of the US view regarding Nepal's peace process should not be neglected.
The US Administration is the only one governent in the world that has listed Nepal's Maoists as terrorists till today. All other countries have recognized the ongoing peace process in Nepal. They have never said that Nepal's Maoists need to be qualified by any nation to participate in the management of their nation. But the US Administration and Nepal's monarchy are the only two sides that have never accepted the existence of Maoists. Contrary to this, Nepal's Seven Party Allinace (SPA) have made Maoists an equal partner to end autocratic monarchy and commence the restructuring of the Nepali society. Why should the US Administration be ideologically so prejudiced?
Nepal's Maoists are under the UN monitoring. Although they have been accused of hiding more weapons, such weapons are automatically illegal because of thier peace accord wtih the government. The US government has repeated its stance against any possible involvement of Maoists in the government. This is not according to the peace aspirations of the Nepali people who gave their street verdict for republic. But the monarchy is indirectly defying this verdict and trying to get US role in preserving feudalism. So many things will be unfolded in the future. Take care Mr. White House.

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