Daily Voting News For March 15, 2007

Published: Sat 17 Mar 2007 01:20 PM
Daily Voting News For March 15, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
As related by Brad Friedman in today’s Huffington Post (see below): "Electronic ballot systems such as DRE machines, are neither fully accessible nor secure and accurate methods of recording, tallying, and reporting votes ... [They] are inappropriate for use, because these systems make it impossible for voters to verify that their votes will be counted as cast." -- From a statement released today by more than 20 Disabled Voter Advocates
"We must debunk the myth that we have to choose between accessible voting and verifiable voting. Democracy requires that we have both." -- Stanley J. Eicher, Exec. Dir. of the Disability Law Center in recent statement commending MA for allowing non-DRE ballot marking devices for use by disabled voters....
NAtional: Blind, Disabled Voters Finally Call for 'Immediate Ban' on DRE/Touch-Screen Voting! LINK
National: A New Look At The Election Process LINK
National: Report Finds Disparity in State Approaches to Post-Election Audits LINK
National: America Needs a Pro-Democracy Movement LINK
National: Testimony for the House Administration Elections Subcommittee LINK
Colorado: State tackles local voting ills LINK
Florida: Touch screens could be scrapped LINK
Florida: Palm Beach County - Web firm to blame for glitch in results LINK
Florida: Palm Beach County - Voting Problems Confuse Hopefuls LINK
Florida: Palm Beach Co. vote display problems blamed on human error LINK
Florida: Pinellas County - Roads, not computers, slowed down vote count LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Florida Democrats urge congressional action on election dispute LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Smooth Undervoting In Sarasota County LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Sarasota officials ignored warning about voting machines An alert on glitches came ahead of recent election troubles but no one followed up. LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Memo warned of potential D-13 machine issues LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Election officials warned of glitch A voting-machine maker told them users might see a delay -- adding to controversy. LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Voting machine maker says time prevented fix LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Stunning News on the Fiasco Surrounding the November Election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Memo surfaces about Sarasota election machines LINK
Georgia: DeKalb County - DeKalb voting machines moved to dry location LINK
Missouri: County Had Fewer Voting Issues In 2006 Than Others in State LINK
North Carolina: Wilson County - Board of Elections requests more money LINK
North Dakota: State elections trending to voting centers LINK
Ohio: Ohio Secretary of State Announces New Advisory Group LINK
Pennsylvania: Is ballot position important in age of electronic voting? LINK
Pennsylvania: York County - Candidates draw ballot order for May primary LINK
Texas: Milam County - Counties forced to call joint elections LINK
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