Israel’s Mantra Echoes Like The Plagues Of Egypt

Published: Fri 2 Mar 2007 09:45 AM
Israel’s Mantra Echoes Like The Plagues Of Egypt
By Genevieve Cora Fraser
As military men in swat team
Mode rampage streets and alleys
Israel bemoans the lack of significant
Concessions Palestinians make to secure
Peace for all
Israel has much at stake
Such as brand new highways
Neighborhoods built on occupied land
Settlers require raw sewage pour
Down on hapless villages below
In a power play – a sick joke – they
Watch Palestinian trees and crops
Sicken and die
Arabs to the Crematorium
Is written on cement posts and signs all point
To a Palestinian Holocaust played out
In slow motion Palestinians
Encased within a Wall
Suffer raw sewage flowing through gullies
Blown apart neighborhoods
Bulldoze existence
Not fit for man or beast
Beastly policies are enforced
At gunpoint, by land and sea and air
Drones rain down
Missiles defense means
Killing all in sight
Does anyone care how brutish
Is Israel’s might?
A nation of thugs could not do
A better job of reenacting Nazi
Core beliefs in their outmost superiority
The majority must be maintained Jewish
In Israel they speak
Of such things
Repeated over charts
Scare the living
Hell into them
Execution of Israeli plans demand
The finest sociopathic minds expand
Into unknown territories
Psychopathologies so unique
They astound abound and re-enforce
Zionist dictates to the hilt
Street lights hover without a beam
Stoves unlit
Water unfit
Children’s empty bellies
Bloat with hunger and despair
Does the western world care?
Palestine’s economy declared
Out of bounds
Near starvation is the ruler’s rule
Until the lesson is learned
In full
Israel demands
Significant concessions
But will not grant them
To the blind and the lame, cancer patients
Are to blame for needing
More than Israel will allow
Bow and kowtow
Infants tossed
From their little beds
As sonic booms boom and spread
Fast and loud like the brags and boasts
Of the Israeli Crowd
Self-assured in possessing
All they survey
Is theirs for the day
But wary
Rests the crown
Like kings of old
Is the concession
They say
The magic word
Cures all ills
People at bay
Get out of line
Another missile sent your way
Security vanished
Hatred grows and stays
Blow after blow after blow
Israel gives to Palestine
Day after day after day
But Palestine lives
And people’s eyes
Are opening
To Israel on display
The world watches
In horror
As the Zionist Entity
By example

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