Narconews: Oaxaca Conflict Puts Spotlight On Media

Published: Wed 28 Feb 2007 02:37 PM
Davies: Oaxaca Conflict Puts Spotlight on the Media
February 27, 2007
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Dear Colleague,
The civil struggle in Oaxaca has taken on many forms and methods in fighting against what the people call the "bad government." Nancy Davies, our commentator in Oaxaca, reports about a new tactic being used by the APPO: to sponsor as much public debate as possible to confront the corrupt Oaxaca state government.
Davies reports on the national forum on Media, recently held in Oaxaca:
"For example, this past weekend five organizations sponsored an open national forum on the subject of the media, and surprise, surprise: the Oaxaca media suffers from repression. That repression includes not only destroying community radio stations but also destroying university radio and Channel Nine (held by las cacerolas), and broadcasters like la Doctora Bertha Mendez whom I believe is still in hiding. It also includes killing off news reporters, and damaging the newspapers themselves (and even the corner stands that sold the newspapers) as in the case of Noticias...
"...The audience, comprised of youngsters, foreigners, academics, media people and Oaxaca citizens, participated with questions and statements following each panel. One woman who identified herself as a housewife assured the audience that she went to the zócalo several times during the teachers' encampment. 'It was like a fiesta,' she told the audience. Then when she arrived home to turn on the TV, she was totally surprised by the contradiction of what she had seen with her own eyes. Since then, she told us, when she goes to the zócalo she has to identify herself 'like a delinquent' and her bag is searched..."
The APPO appears to have regrouped and regained its strength after the PFP attack on November 25 and the ensuing siege of the city. Keep up-to-date on the struggle in Oaxaca at Narco News:
From somewhere in a country called América,
David B. Briones
The Narco News Bulletin

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