Daily Voting News For January 30, 2007

Published: Thu 1 Feb 2007 11:37 AM
Daily Voting News For January 30, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Today the Atlanta Journal Constitution [see below] reported, “Some key components of one of Georgia's most sacred institutions — that had been discovered in discarded office furniture — were recently auctioned on eBay. About 40 voter access cards and three electronic ballot encoders belonging to DeKalb County were purchased earlier this month on the auction Web site, according to Secretary of State Karen Handel. Another seven supervisor's cards, used to activate the encoders, also were up for bid.” // The revolving door is in effect in Williamson Co. Texas where an ex-Hart Intercivic and Sequoia employee has just been named to be their county elections chief. // According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel [see below] the new Florida Gov. Crist will recommend that DRE voting systems be replaced by optical-scan voting systems throughout the state....
NAtional: Ciber downplays criticism of voting software testing LINK
National: Olde Fashioned Legal Loopholes Allow Rigging of Hi-Tech Elections LINK
National: Thirty-Four [Now Forty-two] Election Reform Organizations Urge Congress to Require Paper Ballots LINK
California: Alameda County - County: Instant Run-Off Voting on Schedule LINK
Florida: Gov. Crist to recommend ditching touch-screen machines LINK
Florida: Editorial - Paper trail is important LINK
Florida: Opinion - Four steps toward precise voting LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - FL-13: It's the Machines, Not the 'Paper Trails', Stupid LINK
Georgia: Sale on eBay exposes vote security flaw Encoders, access cards auctioned LINK
Kansas: Lawmakers look to expand early-bird voting LINK
New Mexico: House pulls for better poll turnout LINK
Ohio: Blackwell’s Actions In Ohio Boost US Voting Rights LINK
Ohio: Editorial - Ohio Needs Basic Elections Reform LINK
Ohio: Editorial - Drafting poll workers isn’t best solution LINK
Oregon: Opinion - Reject paper-trail voting; support vote-by-mail LINK
Texas: Williamson County - New Williamson County elections chief hired LINK
Virginia: Election Security in Virginia One Step Closer LINK
Virginia: Lawmakers want to phase out electronic voting machines LINK
Virginia: Senate passes bill for wider absentee voting LINK
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