Daily Voting News For January 25, 2007

Published: Mon 29 Jan 2007 12:01 AM
Daily Voting News For January 3, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
According to “End The Veil Of Secrecy” [see below] “At the New York State Board of Elections meeting on January 23, 2007 Commissioners Kellner and Aquila came out strongly for issuing a subpoena to the EAC and Ciber to force them to give up any information and paper work they have related to Ciber's failure to be accredited. This has resulted from Ciber and the EAC's refusal thus far to offer any information to the State of New York about the problems reported by the New York Times. As I've reported earlier, the State Board had told Ciber earlier this month to officially halt New York's certification testing until the situation is clarified.” // reports [see below] about yesterday’s revelation about the Diebold key, “In a telephone interview, Diebold spokesman Mark Radke said the photograph had been removed because of the blogosphere buzz. He acknowledged that a single key can unlock every voting machine within a particular Diebold model but defended the decision.”...
National: Diebold reveals 'key' to e-voting? LINK
National: Diebold - One key to rule them all! LINK
National: Congressman Holt to Address Blind Americans on Accessible Voting LINK
Colorado: Denver County - Post Office, Voting Firm At Odds Over Ballot Problems Thousands Of Ballots Were Incorrectly Mailed LINK
Florida: Miami-Dade County - Pesky 'undervotes' raise concerns in Dade LINK
Florida: Sarasota County – Let Them Eat Chad Eyewitnesses To Sarasota Vote Fraud Speak Out LINK
Florida: Sarasota County – Vote Fraud Cover Up In Sarasota Election LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Questions remain in D-13 undervote controversy LINK
Florida: Sarasota County polls to use touch-screen voting machines in March LINK
Maryland: Election bill gets new life Majority leader revives it in Senate LINK
New York: End the Veil of Secrecy LINK
Ohio: New secretary of state says trust of voters must be won LINK
Ohio: Secretary of state outlines '07 goals LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Election Attorneys Amplify Importance of Convictions for Recount Rigging in Ohio 2004 Pres Race LINK
Virginia: Secretary of state lauds Help America Vote act LINK
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