Nepal in Transition: Atypical, Eerie Incidences

Published: Thu 25 Jan 2007 11:10 AM
Nepal in Transition: Atypical, Eerie Incidences Happen
By Bhupal Lamichhaney
In high political level it seems there is a grand alliance of eight parties of Nepal with full understanding of the road map for transition of the country. This alliance includes the Maoists who just joined the political mainstream becoming a considerable chunk of present parliament of Nepal without election.
Although a little off schedule in maintaining time frame as agreed by the eight party alliance, it seems things are moving in the right direction for sustainable peace and democracy. However, a lot of simple logistical complications have also contributed for delay in taking actions that were supposed to be completed as previously agreed.
In the mean time reports are coming from different parts of the country which are of the alarming in nature but also against the spirit and words of the great understandings of the eight parties. For instance, the Maoists party chairman Prachanda's directives to dissolve all Maoist people's court and government was not taken seriously by the Maoists cadres. A Maoist kangaroo court in Kailali slapped the Chairman by ordering Rs 115,000 fine to a local person.
According to the Kathmandu Post daily, four Maoists reached Chaudhari's house and forced him to be present at their kangaroo court where they kept Chaudhari under control for seven hours. The rebels later released Chaudhari on the condition that the latter would pay the sum.
The rebels also threatened to abduct and detain him if he failed to abide by the decision of the kangaroo court. Is this not this peculiar?
Meanwhile, a report from Kavre said activists of the Maoist-affiliated Nepal Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Association (NHRWA) have padlocked nine hotels and resorts in Dhulikhel for an indefinite period.
The NHRWA padlocked Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, Mirabal Resort, Araniko Hotel, Himalayan Horizon, High View Resort, Mount View Resort, Rabin Sunrise, Snow View Hotel and Himalayan Shangri-la. Maoist-affiliated hotel workers warned they would break legs of those workers who refuse to come out of hotels and resorts, a hotel worker said.
It is note worthy to read the charges of the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission). It has charged the nation as a promoter for culture of impunity. Is not this an odd incident? This is a grave allegation. How can a government formed with the aspiration of the millions of agitating people for democracy and Human Rights can promote culture of impunity? If the charges of NHRC are correct, are we going back to the square one? Is not this weird? Can such a strange thing possible in Nepal?
At a press meet, organized Sunday, NHRC's Acting Secretary Dhruba Nepal said, "The state's reluctance to implement the commission's recommendations clearly shows that it is promoting impunity." He also said the Maoists too have ignored the commission's recommendations.
A statement, issued during the press meet, said the government has acted upon only 40 of the 147 recommendations, made by the commission since its establishment in 2000.
"The commission has probed 870 cases so far. But it hasn't been able to make recommendations on any of them due to the absence of members," Nepal said.
The commission also said the government hasn't yet made public the status of 646 personnel, disappeared by security personnel in the past. Similarly, it accused the Maoists of not making public the status of 181, abducted by them in the past.
"Although the government and the Maoists, in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, expressed commitment to provide information to the concerned families of the disappeared persons, both parties have not acted upon it," the statement said.
The eight party alliances are in the government of Nepal. Are the party cadres of the alliance allowed to carry guns? If they are not how can the district administration office (DAO) issued curfew orders as demonstrations led by Madheshi Peoples' Rights Forum (MPRF) continued in the town to protest the killing on Friday of a student, reportedly by the bullet fired by a Maoist cadre, during a rally called by the forum. It seems the administration is trying to save the culprits. Is this not a bizarre incident in Lahan?
The meeting of the eight party leaders in the morning had asked the government to form a high level commission to investigate the Lahan incident and provide compensation to victims. What about taking actions against their own cadres who are trigger happy? Is not this amazing?
The government has formed a three-member high level commission to probe the violent incidences that have wreaked Lahan for the past few days.
The Prime minister’s hometown is Biratnagar. From the city the news comes that majority of the people seeking citizenship of Nepal are strangers. Does not this news tell us an eerie situation?
The work of citizenship certificate distribution team has been hampered due to large crowds of new faces at all 22 wards of the Biratnagar sub-metropolis.
A majority percent of applicants, who suddenly appeared after the arrival of the government team, had earlier never been seen in the society, according to government officials deployed there. They are creating hurdles when asked for supporting birth registrations and permanent address, say the officials.
Many are Indian citizens holding index forms filled for citizenship. "Some Indian nationals are claiming Nepali citizenship on the basis of their marriage to Nepali women. They are demanding citizenship not only for themselves but also for their parents and siblings. The Indians are demanding citizenship also on the basis that they can speak Nepali.
Bhupal Lamichhaney: working independently on nonviolence activism for human rights and democratic values and can be reached at bhupal @ His ideas and views can be received in:

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