95bFM: The Wednesday Wire with Paul Deady

Published: Wed 20 Dec 2006 11:31 AM
95bFM: The Wednesday Wire with Paul Deady
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The Wednesday Wire Hosted By Paul Deady
A technological spectacular:
First up, Russell Brown will be on the show to talk Google. This year the search giant has been making some pretty serious moves into software, and a lot of people expect them to offer an office suite rivaling Microsoft's in the New Year. Alright, BUT, this will all be online which throws a whole bunch of spanners in the works. So Russell will be here to make some sense of all those spanners.
If the basic idea of the Matrix ever made you go whoa, be listening at 1245 when I'll be talking about a recent online phenomenon called Second Life. It's been receiving a lot of very gushy press in America recently, with one pundit declaring if you want to really know what's happening in the world of technology, you need to get inside Second Life. Inside? Just what is this thing? Juha Saarinen from Computer world magazine will give us the lowdown.
The new Nintendo Wii has been causing quite a stir in the gaming world, not to mention a few broken tvs in living rooms around the world. Andrew Martin is quite the gaming nerd and he's been playing his Wii hardout for the last couple of weeks and he'll share with us his thoughts on this amazing machine.
Regan from will count down the top five TV moments of 2006. The first 5 last week were doozies so make sure you tune in for this. What's this got to do with computers I hear you ask? Well, Regan will be posting the youtube clips for said top ten on his lovely website
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