Daily Voting News For December 17, 2006

Published: Mon 18 Dec 2006 09:17 PM
Daily Voting News For December 17, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Many in the Election Integrity community have been telling anyone who would listen that the new voting technology is expensive. Utah didn't listen but now they are learning. The cost of this year's election on Diebold DREs is twice what it was in previous elections using punch-cards. AND the taxpayer gets to continue paying millions of dollars to Diebold for the privilege of using their machines. The costs are so high that many Utah jurisdictions will revert to hand-counted paper ballots in local elections....
California: Dan Walters: Limiting choices in voting LINK
Florida: Opinion - Comic echo of 2000 election -- it's not funny LINK
Florida: FL-13 – Opinion - E-glitch
Sarasota mess creates a test case LINK
Florida: FL-13 - Partisan battle boils over Fla. House seat
A dispute over a GOP victory may test Pelosi's pledge to keep peace. LINK
Florida: FL-13 – Opinion - The case for Jennings
Stakes demand completion of audit, fair hearing of her challenge LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Report: Ballot Design Caused Jennings to Lose LINK
Kentucky: Straight-ticket voting may end LINK
Maryland: Opinion - Early voting issue hardly worth reviving LINK
New Jersey: Morris Township - Grayzel challenges 1-vote loss; suit claims several votes should have been counted that weren't LINK
New York: Opinion - Voted down
Election machines fail to win state certification LINK
Ohio: Analysis shows record use of absentee ballots in '06 election LINK
Utah: E-vote tab adds up to big trouble
Contract with Diebold may put ballot expenses out of reach for some cities, counties in Utah LINK
Virginia: Groups seek law to verify voting
Va. lawmakers will push for paper audit trails for machines LINK
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