Daily Voting News For December 14, 2006

Published: Mon 18 Dec 2006 12:45 AM
Daily Voting News For December 14, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
"Almost any system, including paperless touch-screen voting systems, can be jury-rigged to attach a printer and generate a hard copy of each voter's choices. That is a far more complicated, and potentially troublesome, process than one which generates a real, live, legally valid paper ballot; it does nothing, for example, to mitigate the security risks that so many researchers have exposed in a number of e-voting systems. In addition, I suspect that no matter what type of voting system is involved, paper ballots are likely to carry far more legal weight in a court challenge -- thus allowing a judge to rule on the matter as quickly and confidently as possible and to keep the process moving along."...
National: More Than 30 Election Integrity Orgs. Issue Open Letter Demanding 'A Paper Ballot For Every Vote Cast' LINK
National: E-Voting: Will A 'Paper Trail' Get Us Where We Want To Go? LINK
National: E-Voting Bill: Dead Trees And Democracy LINK
National: Editorial - Help America secure LINK
National: E-voting requires long-term strategy: IDC LINK
National: Thirty-Four Election Reform Organizations Urge Congress To Require Paper Ballots LINK
National: Column: American elections no longer the gold standard LINK
National: David Dill Unplugged: Computer glitch leaves electronic voting machine advocate without a script LINK
California: Napa County - Tuteur explains long lines at polls on Election Day LINK
California: Riverside County – Columnist - Hack Attack LINK
Colorado: Denver County - Denver holds back $52,160 from Sequoia LINK
Florida: Crist taps two top officials LINK
Florida: Pasco's Browning named secretary of state LINK
Florida: Columnist - Politics foul up election oversight LINK
Florida: Florida Voting System Standards: Commentary LINK
Florida: Michael Collins: The Long Road to Democracy LINK
Florida: FL-13 - Group petitions for District 13 revote LINK
Florida: FL-13 - State withdraws motion to dismiss lawsuit in contested race LINK
Michigan: Michigan's voting system a wise choice Officials consider requiring paper trail LINK
Minnesota: Minnesota Performs First Post-Election Review LINK
New Jersey: Ocean County - County gets more time on vote query LINK
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