Scoop Top 30 Weekend Ratings - 16-17 Dec. 2006

Published: Mon 18 Dec 2006 01:01 AM
The weekend's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Five Migrants Beaten To Death
United Nations
The perilous people-smuggling across the Gulf of Aden, which this year alone has brought tens of thousands of Somalis and Ethiopians to Yemen, is claiming more lives, with five migrants savagely beaten to death and thrown overboard by the smugglers ...
2: Ohura regains Television Transmitter – for a while
In the recent lightening storms the transmitter (technically called a translator) that serves the area around the small King Country community of Ohura, including Tokirima, was struck. All the local residents lost both Ch1 and Ch2 – Sky reception ...
3: Thai Military Push Against Muslim Guerrillas Fails
Richard S. Ehrlich
BANGKOK, Thailand -- After staging a bloodless, right-wing coup to expand their political and economic control, Thailand's U.S.-trained military has been unable to crush Muslim guerrillas in the south, resulting in hundreds of Buddhists fleeing ...
4: World first wild algae bio-diesel test drive
Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation
The world’s first wild algae bio-diesel, produced in New Zealand by Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation, was successfully test driven in Wellington today by the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Issues, David Parker.
5: New doubts about Auditor's spending report
United Future NZ Party
United Future MP Gordon Copeland today commented on the report of the Finance and Expenditure committee, of which he is a member, to Parliament for the Financial Review of the Office of the Controller and Auditor General.
6: Today's Top Scoop Stories - News Summary
The Scoop Team
Election Spending: AG Admits Flaws In Process - Economy: Manufacturing Sales Keep Rising - Transport: Monster Spaghetti Junction Opening - Charity: Wanna Buy A Politician? - Comment: Pinochet's Project And The New Zealand Connection - Defence: NZ Troops ...
7: UQ Wire: McKinney Discusses Impeachment Bill
(APN) ATLANTA – “Nothing is off the table unless the American people allow it to be so,” US Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) said in an exclusive interview with Atlanta Progressive News (APN) about her Articles of Impeachment against President ...
8: Repatriation Of Sudanese From Ethiopia Resumed
United Nations
After a more than six-month suspension due to the rainy season, the United Nations refugee agency has resumed the assisted repatriation of Sudanese from Ethiopia with a first group of 500 leaving for their homeland earlier this week, the vanguard of ...
9: 2006 On Track To Be 6th Warmest Year On Record
United Nations
The year 2006 is currently estimated to be the sixth warmest on record with prolonged drought in some regions, heavy rainfall and flooding in others and deadly typhoons in south-east Asia, according to the latest update by the United Nations World Meteorological ...
10: UQ Wire: Anthrax Attack On Congress FBI Cover Up
The perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax attack on Congress likely was a government scientist employed at the Army’s Ft. Detrick, Md., bioterrorism lab having access to a “moonsuit” that made it possible to safely process and manufacture super-weapons-grade anthrax, ...
11: Health insurance coverage up
Health Funds Association of NZ
Thousands more New Zealanders signed up to major medical health insurance in the September quarter according to statistics released by the Health Funds Association of New Zealand (HFANZ).
12: The Draft New Zealand Energy Strategy
The Royal Society of New Zealand
Monday saw the release of the draft New Zealand Energy Strategy, at the head of a long line of discussion documents aiming at reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. The Royal Society's Energy Panel produced a major report to inform this strategy ...
13: The Commerce Commission Releases Issues Paper
Commerce Commission
The Commerce Commission today released an issues paper to begin public consultation on whether or not to amend the roaming and co-location services.
14: Child sex abuse pictures bring Xmas in prison
Department Of Internal Affairs
Two Christchurch men are the latest to be jailed for dealing in child sex abuse pictures. They bring to 13 the number of offenders who have been sent to prison since Parliament, in February 2005, introduced tougher penalties under the Film, Videos and Publications ...
15: Lyndon Hood: The Week In Headlines
Lyndon Hood
Kiss of John Key Turns National Party Into Beautiful Princess; Helen Clark Remains Predictably Agitated After Fiji Prime Minster Overthrown Over Corruption Allegations, Foreshore Legislation; Report Attributes Prison Van Death To Multiple Corrections ...
16: The Dems & Bush’s Deeply Flawed Lat. Am. Policy?
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Is there, or will there be, a revitalized Democratic Latin American policy as distinct from the farrago of ineptitude witnessed under the Bush administration? To begin, in Bush’s eye, the Cold War remains. The head of his personal list of enemies is ...
17: Goff: Succeeding in a Globalised World
New Zealand Government
Succeeding in a Globalised World: The New Zealand Experience Address to Koc University, Istanbul, delivered on 11 December
18: "Spaghetti junction" opening gets Auckland moving
New Zealand Government
Auckland Issues Minister Judith Tizard today officially opens the $200 million Central Motorway Junction, which she says will help get Auckland moving and get through-traffic off city roads.
19: Today's Scoop Just Politics News Summary
The Scoop Team
Election Spending: AG Admits Flaws In Process; Economy: Manufacturing Sales Keep Rising; Transport: Monster Spaghetti Junction Opening; Charity: Wanna Buy A Politician?; MORE POLITICAL HEADLINES; NEW POLITICAL COLUMNS
20: John Key Address: Inaugural Jenny Shipley Lecture
New Zealand National Party
E nga mana, e nga reo, e nga rangatira, tena koutou, tena koutou, kua huihui kia ora katoa, katoa.
21: Frida Berrigan: What We Leave Behind
Frida Berrigan
In just one week in October, a series of bomb scares swept across Germany. Outside of Hannover, 22,000 people were evacuated when three bombs were discovered. A few days later in the same city, a weapons removal squad defused a 500-pound bomb found ...
22: Public Address 15/12/06 - Winners And Loose Units
HARD NEWS from Russell Brown
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. The main motive for the Flying Nun Moments competition that's been running the past week and a half was really to flush out some popular memory and get it forever on the Interweb, but I'm delighted to be able ...
23: Sri Lanka: Young Child Among 7 Killed
United Nations
A young child was among seven Sri Lankan displaced persons who died today when their boat capsized while they were fleeing fighting between Government troops and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the east of the island, the ...
24: Public Address 14/12/06 - Walk The Line
HARD NEWS from Russell Brown
The news that drug-impaired drivers will be treated the same way as drunks behind the wheel has been coming for some time, and was essentially inevitable. But I think the Greens' Metiria Turei is right when she says the new regime raises some tricky ...
25: Imminent collapse of ocean ecosystems refuted
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Research conducted by an international team of scientists, including SPC’s Oceanic Fisheries Programme Manager, Dr John Hampton, and reported in a paper published this week in Science, refutes claims that ocean ecosystems are on the brink of collapse.
26: Army Targets Truthout for Subpoenas in Watada Case
Jason Leopold
In a case that cuts right to the heart of the First Amendment, a US Army prosecutor has indicated he intends to subpoena Truthout Executive Director Marc Ash, a Truthout reporter, and two of the nonprofit news organization's regular contributors, to authenticate ...
27: Robert Parry: A Way Forward, a Look Back
Robert Parry
The abrupt resignation of the Saudi ambassador to the United States and the postponement of George W. Bush's new Iraq policy speech mark a troubling new chapter for a U.S. strategy for the Middle East that continues to spiral toward catastrophe.
28: Losing An Information War Against Muslim Jihadists
Sherwood Ross
WASHINGTON, D.C. --- The Army and Marine Corps tomorrow (Dec. 15th) will release a new counterinsurgency field manual that notes how insurgents use the media “to magnify the effects of their actions” and which suggests ways to defeat those efforts.
29: A single motor industry association
Motor Industry Association
For many years the interests of the importers and distributors of road transport products have been represented by two organisations – the Motor Industry Association (MIA) which represents the importers and distributors of new cars, light and heavy ...
30: 30 Years of the Metric System
New Zealand Government
Thirty years ago today the metric system was introduced into New Zealand says Consumer Affairs Minister Judith Tizard.
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