Daily Voting News For November 17-18, 2006

Published: Mon 20 Nov 2006 03:14 PM
Daily Voting News For November 17, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
There must be a stop to corporate involvement in the elections process. Reports like those coming from Delaware Co, Indiana where the vendor sells, maintains, programs, and tests the equipment and then does on tabulation, are all too prevalent. An attorney for the company has even gone so far as to suggest that county officials and candidates sign a document to release the company from any fault caused by their work. Simply unbelievable! / Next week the court will be brought further into the Sarasota Co., Florida issue. Expect to see challenges filed by the Dems. for their candidate, Jennings, and also VoterAction, CommonCause, ACLU Florida, EFF, and others for the voters. VoterAction needs help with the work they are doing in Florida right now. Please visit them at and consider helping them to help our democracy....
National: ES -- the Midas Touch in reverse LINK
National: Candidates, voters still await results in some races LINK
National: Major Miscount of the Vote in 2006 Election: Reported Results Skewed 4 Percent Toward GOP; Election Defense Alliance Calls for Investigation LINK
National: Votes Still Being Counted in House Races LINK
National: Denver Councilwoman Rodriguez Recommended for EAC Position LINK
National: Council member up for U.S. job
Rosemary Rodriguez has been suggested for a seat on the federal Elections Assistance Commission. LINK
Arkansas: Benton County - Commission Releases Fourth Version Of Results
Files Found In Back Room Had Never Been Counted LINK
Arkansas: Benton County - More votes found in recount LINK
California: Riverside County – Opinion - What sense of urgency? LINK
California: Riverside County - 100,000 ballots uncounted
ABSENTEE VOTES: Riverside County election staff is inundated as eight races still await resolution. LINK
Colorado: Montrose County - ELECTION 2006 Voting Snafus Lead to Investigation Of Montrose County Election LINK
Florida: Voting blunder puts Florida in spotlight again LINK
Florida: Did Florida Foul Another Ballot? LINK
Florida: FL-13 - Lawyers clash over D-13 recount, audit LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Democrat's attorney: Republican is delaying voting machine audit LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Florida beings `meaningless ritual' of vote recount LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Veracity of voting machines questioned amidst recount LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - 'Paper' vote recount: Is it just for show?
In a warehouse in Sarasota, a group of people conducted a recount that one voting expert called `a meaningless ritual.' LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Partisan tone growing
As vote tally appears to change little, parties consider their options LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Crowd likes the idea of a District 13 revote LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Voting problem could go unsolved
A Sarasota audit will check touch-screen functions, but it won't trace voters' steps. LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Sarasota voters vent about ballots LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Voter complaints, confusion voiced LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Partisan tone growing
As vote tally appears to change little, parties consider their options LINK
Florida: Volusia County - Official wants voting probe LINK
Indiana: Delaware County - Final Delaware ballots to be counted today LINK
Indiana: Grant County - Harris still ahead in House District 31 race, but margin narrows LINK
Indiana: Grant County - Count, count again
Missing votes change margins, not winners, but more recounts loom LINK
Indiana: Opinion - Lake County has a deadline to resolve election problems LINK
Louisiana: St Landry Parish - Interim sheriff claims widespread voting irregularities LINK
Michigan: Reprogramming of election machines costly LINK
Montana: Summary of E-Voting Problems in Montana LINK
North Carolina: Lenoir County - Voting irregularities found again in Lenoir LINK
Nebraska: Columnist: World-Herald Should Divest Of Voting Machine Interest LINK
New Jersey: Ocean County - Final results on voting-machine tests: All good LINK
New York: The threat to our election system is in the counting LINK
New York: Just a Touch Too Much: Growing Concern Over Electronic Voting Machines LINK
New York: Tainted Touch: Concern Grows Over New Voting Machines LINK
New York: Caution urged on new voting machines LINK
Ohio: Butler County - Greater voter turnout proves costly for Butler County LINK
Pennsylvania: Chester County - Election over, the next race is counting ballots LINK
Texas: Val Verde County - Laura Allen demands election tally recount LINK
Texas: Williamson County - Williamson County elections administrator resigns
Amid questions about vote counts, Debra Stacy resigns one year after the former elections administrator for the county resigned. LINK
Utah: Salt Lake County vote audit shows no errors LINK
Vermont: Vermont Audits Voting Machine Accuracy LINK
West Virginia: Opinion - BETTY IRELAND: West Virginia's election a success LINK
West Virginia: Jefferson County - Planning panels wants answers over election problems LINK
Daily Voting News For November 18, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
One episode highlights the success of vote-by-mail in Tillamook Co Oregon, where 13 inches of rain on Election Day sent many citizens scrambling to the safety of shelters under a declared state of emergency. Despite the fact that many roads were impassable and parts of the county were inaccessible -- conditions that would have crippled turnout in a state that relied on conventional polling places -- 70 percent of the voters cast ballots. Only voting by mail could have led to this outcome. / Sarasota Co., Florida elections director Kathy Dent has declared in her official election certification documents that there were no errors caused in the general election by voting machines. Clearly the courts will have to make that decision and VoterAction will be at the forefront of any court case brought for the voters of the county. They need help to help those voters. VotersUnite does not ask for donations for the work we do but VoterAction needs your support. Please consider visiting and helping them a little. Our democracy needs it....
National: A Better Way to Vote LINK
National: Glitches hit other Sequoia systems LINK
National: Fixing The 2008 Election LINK
National: Senator Obama Introduces Legislation to Criminalize Election-Day Fraud LINK
California: Humboldt County - Still no timetable for finished vote count LINK
Connecticut: Audits in Connecticut LINK
Florida: Voting Blunder Puts Florida in Spotlight Again LINK
Florida: Broward and Miami-Dade Counties - Ballot design an issue in Broward and Dade, too LINK
Florida: Citrus County - Candidate pulls recount suit LINK
Florida: FL-13 - Buchanan wins District 13 recount; legal action looms LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - In the Eye of Florida's Latest Vote Storm
Ballot Irregularities Cast Scrutiny Upon Sarasota County's Elections Supervisor LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Voting mystery defies solid answer
The recount in Sarasota's congressional race ends without satisfying the questions. LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Republican maintains lead; Democrat may go to court LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - GOP claims recount in Sarasota -- for now LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Dent will report no touchscreen errors on state paperwork LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Buchanan wins District 13 again - for now LINK
Florida: Volusia County - Volusia vote machine woes outpace other counties LINK
Florida: Volusia County - Voters skipped over race
A losing council candidate is satisfied with the explanation for ballot blanks LINK
Indiana: Vigo County - Tom contests 2,000 vote loss LINK
North Carolina: This election year to be remembered for its problems LINK
North Carolina: Lenoir County - Election irregularities ‘unacceptable’ LINK
South Carolina: Close statewide elections bring calls for voting paper trail LINK
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