Daily Voting News For November 13, 2006

Published: Tue 14 Nov 2006 09:43 PM
Daily Voting News For November 13, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Will the main stream media (MSM) continue to report on voting issues as they did in the long lead-up to the election? My guess is that they won't. Oh, there will be some follow-up on local issues but the networks and the cable news channels will surely forget that there is an issue with regards to voting machines. I expect to see even Lou Dobbs stowing the "Democracy at Risk" graphic away. It now goes back to the thousands of citizens who work in obscurity to try to convince our election officials that electronic voting machines should not have any place in our elections. This years national election proved that fact though the national media immediately ignored the melt-down and blessed the election as having "wide-spread failures". As expected the MSM was joined by the Election Assistance Commission,, the vendors, and many election officials. / Sarasota County and other Florida CD-13 counties have begun two days of recounts and number crunching without really recounting the voters wishes....
National: Editorial - The System Worked
But improvements in voting are still needed. LINK
National: Reliability a Tossup in E-voting Exit Poll LINK
National: ‘Vote Flipping’ Is Real, but Its Cause Is the Subject of Debate
Some blame machines; others say it’s voter error LINK
National: Critics Split on Whether to Abandon DREs LINK
National: Editorial - Time to admit electronic voting machines can’t be trusted LINK
National: Diebold Voting Systems Used Successfully in Many Parts of the Nation LINK
National: Allen, Santorum, Talent Criticized for Conceding LINK
National: Survey seeks servicemembers’ input on overseas voting LINK
National: “Who’s Counting Anyway?” - Colorado, America and Voter Fraud LINK
Arkansas: Benton County Election Results Still in Question Monday LINK
Arkansas: Crawford County - Electronic voting off to rocky start LINK
Arizona: Pima County - Elections chief promises he'll be reachable LINK
California: San Diego County – Opinion - Why we vote LINK
Colorado: Denver Election Commission gets police to help count ballots LINK
Colorado: Problems with Electronic Pollbooks Lead to Long Lines In Denver LINK
Colorado: Douglas County - Douglas County To Investigate Voting Problems LINK
Florida: Opinion - Ballot bugs
Independent analysis needed LINK
Florida: That news of his loss was greatly exaggerated LINK
Florida: Charlotte County - Horton: Charlotte voters weren't confused LINK
Florida: Sarasota, Manatee set for recount
Outcome of District 13 Congressional race could be known Wednesday LINK
Florida: Sarasota County carries biggest recount load LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Close Race Gets Recount Today LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Recount in Buchanan-Jennings have begun in Sarasota LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Recount starts in South Florida House race LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Recount is halted briefly over a group's requests for more public scrutiny LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Recount, audit begin for Florida House seat LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Jennings' lawyer says lawsuit will seek to protect Sarasota voting machines LINK
Florida: Volusia County - That news of his loss was greatly exaggerated LINK
Kentucky: Lawmakers want Voting Machines Improved LINK
Kentucky: Vote machines' reviews mixed LINK
Missouri: St. Louis County - Diehl stands ground despite criticism of election board LINK
Ohio: Opinion - Properly fund Ohio elections LINK
Ohio: Athens County - Why did so much go wrong on Election Day in Athens County? LINK
Ohio: Hamilton County - Next time, voting may be easier LINK
Oregon: Opinion - High-tech options still can't beat vote by mail
U.S. needs to follow Oregon's lead for election efficiency LINK
Pennsylvania: Editorial - Bit by bit
High-Tech Voting LINK
Pennsylvania: New voting machines had small flaws; one is their 'straight-ticket' function LINK
Pennsylvania: Westmoreland County – Westmoreland Polling Snafus: Backups needed LINK
Rhode Island: House District 72 challenger files request for hand recount of votes LINK
South Carolina: Kershaw County - County election marred by precinct controversey LINK
Texas: Lawmakers Filing Bills for Next Legislative Session LINK
West Virginia: Fayette County - Fayette glitches lead to all-night vote count LINK
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